lessons learned from sickness

Reverse Isolation

Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 27: Reverse Isolation I confess there were lots of things that I didn't like during my hospitalization. Foremost is the cost. I found out that it's … [Read More...]

trust and obey

Trust and Obey

Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 24: Trust and Obey This is the title of one of the most popular and timeless hymns sang by Christians the world over. How many people were brought to the … [Read More...]

Christmas angels on Stafford St. Timaru herald the start of Christmas celebration for more than 3 decades now.

How To Celebrate Christmas Daily in New Year 2015 and Beyond

"Merry Christmas" The most uttered phrase or greeting each Christmas season, spoken for infinite number of times by peoples of the world. As the zenith of the Christmas season comes 25th … [Read More...]

Hope in God

What Makes Hope Less

Pastor John's message yesterday (29 June 2014) on "Building Blocks - Hope" made me reflect on my hope experiences. Apart from asking myself how I may be able to share or give hope to others, I … [Read More...]

love and commitment

“With this Ring”

Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 17: "With this Ring" Open your hands. Look at your ring finger. Is your wedding ring still there? In my long hospital confinement, my wedding ring … [Read More...]

Angie Occeno-Libardo

Beautiful Lessons from a Bar Flunker

GUEST POST BY ANGIE OCCENO-LIBARDO Setbacks come naturally to life, perhaps second to breathing. The unfortunates will even get a shrill experience of the "Murphy's Law," that when things go bad it will just be. Dazed in amazement over the intensity of some issues, one can only shake his head and wonder. Inaccurate the prospects of them … [Read More...]

Castlepoint Lighthouse at Wairarapa NZ

One Fine Day

Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 26: One Fine Day How do you define a fine day? Perhaps to many of us, a fine day is a day that is devoid of any problems, burdens or cares. Everything you encountered provides you joy, blessings, … [Read More...]

Lessons Learned from Sickness

The Language of Silence

Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 28: The Language of Silence It is customary for people to make or create a noise when emphasizing something. New business or products are introduced by loud public announcements, accompanied with drum beats, full volume music, street parades, caravans, … [Read More...]


power of prayer

The Power of Prayer

Lessons Learned from My Sickness - Part 1: The Power of Prayer Daily, the Lord revealed to me his miraculous ways, his protection, provision and preservation. And all of these were his answers to the prayers of … [Read More...]

lessons learned from sickness

The Indispensability of Pain

Lessons Learned from My Sickness – Part 2: The Indispensability of Pain Too often, we want to avoid pain. We don't like its sensation. We are simply uncomfortable with it. But do you know that when Christ … [Read More...]


TED 862

The Day We Let Go of Ted

The sound of the alarm from my cell phone awakened me, telling me that it’s already 6:00 o’clock in the morning. I slept after doing my usual early morning chores as online writer. I had worked … [Read More...]

Boat on the seashore

Had He Ever Lived?

Had our brother, Ivan ever lived? In our memories perhaps... Thinking of our brotherly fellowship, helping him grow, sharing and supporting his dreams, listening to his good singing voice, arguing, … [Read More...]

Raindrops by Diane King

It Is Raining Now

Who said it won't be raining for a long time because of the El Nino phenomenon? It's raining now. I thought it was just a droplet and a drizzle passing by and then Emperor Sun would beat his … [Read More...]