Central Philippine University

Everything around me reflected a dull pale glow. The rustling of mahogany leaves added a cool effect as the gentle breeze declared its presence. I squatted on the bamboo table in front of the kindergarten building.

As I slowly sipped a mug of warm coffee, I savored the peaceful effect of the moonlight on the surroundings. It was a full moon night. I decided to sit down and observe God’s masterpiece under a unique night-effect moonlight.

The thick nimbus clouds failed to dampen the fluorescence the moon gave. As if sympathizing with my reverie, the full moon quietly bathed the distant hills, towering trees and the church edifice.

The white orchid flowers were the most luminous. Perched on the Molave trunk and refracting the moonlight, the spray gaily swayed with the wind’s tempo.

Then I began to think of life’s ups and downs. While I was in deep thought, thinking of every whys and hows, crickets somewhere in the nearby grass chirped in thrilling chorus.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Toad, hiding under the Bougainvillea pot began to echo broken croaks. They were probably trying to cheer me up. Really, I couldn’t help but think what lay ahead.

Recalling the events in the past months, I considered life too bleak for me. I thought everything was impossible.

But like the Psalmist, I was confident that there would be rejoicing in the morning. Several more hours and another day would break. The rooster alit on the langka tree never failed to greet the dawn with great rejoicing.

Why should I worry about the future when God takes care of all these creatures—the sparrows, the lilies of the valley? Am I not special in God’s eyes? In fact, I am the apple of His eyes.

I paused from my thoughts. From the distant seashores, I could hear the wind rushing through the treetops. As it accelerated, tree branches crackled as they resisted the gushing wind.

Then it moved towards my direction. It stroked my face, sending a tingling that stood my hair on end, causing my hair to wave back as the gentle wind blew on my face.

As the wind came, I took a deep breath to inhale as much of it as I could. I could only have enough. Not enough of that moment affected the quantity of the gentle breeze. I too, realized that like my breathing moments, I could have enough blessings for the day.

Suddenly the thick clouds no longer shrouded the full moon. Everything around became bright. I stopped from my deep reverie resolved that tomorrow would take care of itself.


I wrote this piece in late 1995 when I went home from Manila to Concepcion, Iloilo, jobless and broken-hearted. In February 1996, I accepted the challenge to work as project director of Ajuy Baptist Church’s school, Ajuy Christian Development Academy (formerly Ajuy Christian Development Learning Center).

The school grew from a kinder school with 19 pupils to elementary and high school levels. Indeed God takes care of our tomorrow!