Who said it won’t be raining for a long time because of the El Nino phenomenon?

It’s raining now. I thought it was just a droplet and a drizzle passing by and then the Emperor Sun would beat his warm and extremely dry spell on us again.

It’s been 30 minutes since the rain started and it’s still raining now.

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Yes, dry seasons of our lives come and go. 

It is when trials burden you and you feel that the world is pushing you down. 

Your fair-weathered friends were long gone. You’re left with your few faithful genuine friends. They are there to share and to care.

Most of all you are left with the best option, which is to pray and pray and pray. 

Faith is one thing that your detractors can never take away from you.

Suddenly, without you expecting it, the Mighty Hand of God hoisted you and carried you easily to better, brighter and higher ground. 

Looking back you can just shake your head in stunning reality for you clearly see how God reversed your precarious situation and brought about abundance and goodness for you and your family.

The dry season is over.

God has filled you up and He will consistently quench your thirst, fill your table with food, and give you limitless opportunities.

Those who lack the wisdom of God will always fail to see His mighty hand moving and causing the seasons to come and go.

Oh God, it is still raining now!

Let us go out and bathe in the goodness of His abundance…now!

overflowing love of God