It Is Raining Now

From Worry To Glory

Who said it won’t be raining for a long time because of the El Nino phenomenon?

It’s raining now. I thought it was just a droplet and a drizzle passing by and then the Emperor Sun would beat his warm and extremely dry spell on us again.

It’s been 30 minutes since the rain started and it’s still raining now.

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Yes, dry seasons of our lives come and go. 

It is when trials burden you and you feel that the world is pushing you down. 

Your fair-weathered friends were long gone. You’re left with your few faithful genuine friends. They are there to share and to care.

Most of all you are left with the best option, which is to pray and pray and pray. 

Faith is one thing that your detractors can never take away from you.

Suddenly, without you expecting it, the Mighty Hand of God hoisted you and carried you easily to better, brighter and higher ground. 

Looking back you can just shake your head in stunning reality for you clearly see how God reversed your precarious situation and brought about abundance and goodness for you and your family.

The dry season is over.

God has filled you up and He will consistently quench your thirst, fill your table with food, and give you limitless opportunities.

Those who lack the wisdom of God will always fail to see His mighty hand moving and causing the seasons to come and go.

Oh God, it is still raining now!

Let us go out and bathe in the goodness of His abundance…now!

Rainy June: The weather over the past weeks have shown that global warming is very far away

17 thoughts on “It Is Raining Now

  1. ellona fiona says:

    I literally escaped from work that day and was walking aimlessly under the heat of the sun (at 35C!). I just needed to get away.

    God is soo good He know what my spirit needed that time. He made His presence felt by sending in the rain. The rain refreshed not only my tired body, most importantly, it quenched my thirsty spirit.

  2. Tita CarmelaMR says:

    Hi pastor Jonan,
    Please send me more of your compositions..You are truly blessed with God given talents. Go and and go….You are and will be in my prayers.Please also incude me in your prayer list.

    Best regards to Twinkle and your darling daughter.

    yes, from worry to His Glory..

    God bless gid.
    Tita Carmela

  3. Tita CarmelaMR says:

    Hi dear Pastor Jonan,
    To God be the Glory indeed!!!Your compositions blessed me a wonderful lot. All the songs just blessed and inspired me so much. It came on time when i need it the most!!
    I miss CPU and wonderful true friends like you. Mabalik ako dira as this is my desire.
    Ti kamusta na si apo?? and Twinkle? si nanay? My sweet regards to them.
    Yes, indeed, the Lord is our great source of everything. Thanks God and na open ko ang website mo. Your songs and messages are the rains(showers of blessings) that blesses me in this land of the dry!he!he!
    I will share your songs to my BS cell group here.Gin print ko gid…
    May the good Lord showers you and your family with His continued blessings day in and day out.
    To Him be the Glory honor and Praise!!

    Psalm 1:3
    He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth it’s fruit in it’s season.

    God bless you exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or think of!!!

    In Christ,
    Tita Carmela

    • CPU Derecho says:

      Hi Tita Carmela, I was reviewing my blog posts and it’s only now that I noticed you have a wonderful and very encouraging comments here. We are out of Egypt now and headed towards promise land. Wherever life may take us, we will always stand on God’s promise. Thank you so much for sharing my blog post. I’m happy that God has created the Internet so that our messages have far-reaching readership. Thanks and God bless you always!

  4. cyrus a. natividad says:

    Sorry for giving you a day to wait for my response…, after all comments are rewards for your good thoughts. Yup, you’re right everything relates to faith. “When two or three are gathered together in my name…” Now imagine when millions gather their thoughts together to ask God for rain!

    On the other hand, we learn from science that rain is much too expected when there is too much heat from the sun. May God us more rain…don’t forget to bring along capote on your trip to Ajuy. God Bless!

    • fromworrytoglory says:

      I was looking through the window of the Vaflor’s Mansion, watching the rain drench the little football field, acacia trees, and surrounding plants, when I wrote my reflection. I hope your Dad’s santol tree would bear much this June…the sweetest santol in campus. Thanks.

  5. cuvic says:

    Yes, fair-weathered friends will come and go, but faithful friends will be with you until the end. God is a FAITHFUL FRIEND! Thanks for the inspiration.
    From, Tita Cuvic

  6. May R. Vail Lee says:

    My dear Jonan,

    Thank you for the beautiful ways that you touch my life!

    May the Almighty wrap His hands around you and continue to use you for His purpose.

    Much love,

    Manang May

  7. Perla Londres Waters says:

    My goodness, Jonan, what wonderful words, and how beautiful the rain sounds! Thank you for this inspirational message–may your gifts increase.

    I hope the rains provide quenching of thirsts on many fronts, giving respite to the barrenness of the land, body and soul.

    Best to you and the family.


    • fromworrytoglory says:

      Wish I could offer you a prize for being the first to comment. I’m amazed by how you establish further reflections on what I wrote. Whatever the front would be, you are God’s “thirst-quenchers” when your life is committed to serve Him. Thus, when the servants of God congregate, it would rain definitely. It reminds me of Elijah and Elisha. Blessings to you and Linzy…the “Waters” are coming!

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