Awakened! –CEW Theme Song mp3

Lyrics by Tessa Kwe
Music by Jonan Castillon
Vocals by Jen Joy Gandola

My heart rejoices in song O Lord,
My soul is glad and full of joy,
My lips shall praise your goodness and mercy,
My whole being glorifies your name;
For this child that once was lost,
Now is found!

I have come back home
Into my Father’s waiting arms;
As one soul comes back to You humbly,
All of Heaven rejoices.

I have given my heart to Christ,
My world once dark is now filled with light;
And now I know what I must do,
Live in God’s way and word;
For as my Savior died for me,
I must live for Him.

“Awakened” was the Christ Emphasis Week theme song in July 2010 at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines.

10 thoughts on “Awakened!

  1. Pastor Robert Douglas says:

    Jonan… great song, great message, great memories of my new friends from a year ago during my time at CPU !!!

    Keep writing more songs… someone said that our hymns, and spiritual songs, are the true Theology of the church.

    Blessings on you… Sincerely Yours,

    Pastor Robert

    P.S.- Please convey my regards and warmest greetings to everyone at CPU!

  2. Sunshine Kwe says:

    I remember this song… It’s been what- like 14 years since I first heard it.. I’m glad it’s made the theme song.. It brings back good memories.. 🙂

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