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Smile for All Things Happen with a Purpose


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

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“Smile” by Jadyn Castillon (@ 4 years old.)


Everything that happens in your life has purpose. There are great reasons you are where you are now, many reasons for the events in your life, a reason why you are making a living.

Indeed, life is hard, especially today, when the global economic crisis is affecting everyone. In whatever walk of life you are, you will always have your taste of hardships and triumphs.

Is it not that the meaning of life is best appreciated through the hardships that you went through and you hurdled every obstacles successfully and unscathed?

With God as your guide, you will always see how life unfolds its great reasons, both in the present and future. What is oftentimes revealing is how the past would tie up to your present and future state. Are these not causes to make life full of zest?

For everything that happens in your life, good or bad, always put in mind that it is an opportunity for you to realize that you are living under the merciful loving care of the Almighty Loving God.

Make every moment an opportunity to serve Him; an opportunity to show grace and give thanks in all circumstances. You can make it as one rare chance to pay humble service to life itself.

Well, you maybe someone who have achieved well in life, amassing great success, great love, joy, and perhaps, fame, and recognition. Towards achieving this, you took a different route and you find yourself different from your friends and work mates.

You wanted power, admiration, and wealth. You are owning various villa rentals and vast real estates.

Despite the outstanding gap that you have achieved from everyone else in terms of material wealth, there is one equalizer that would place you on the same level with everyone else — death.

Tracy Chapman’s song, “All that you have is your soul” rings true.

Indeed, when you leave this mortal world, you cannot take with you all the riches and comforts in life that you have acquired. You can not bring the material things you have acquired to life beyond because all that you will have to bring is only your soul.

Never forget to share what you have. Just because you have invested so much effort and time to acquire wealth, you appropriate everything for yourself and you don’t even think about caring for your neighbors. Remember that one secret to happiness is found in serving others.

Always do what is true, right and just. Let God be your center for service, for it is from Him whom you gain the greatest strength and recognition.

Life will always be kind to you, blessings will come to you, and challenges will be instruments for a better version of you when you persevere.

Go on with life, pursue your career with vigor, nurture your passion, enjoy the beauty of things around you. Love and treasure your family and friends, and let God guide all your ways.

Keep smiling as you revel in the blessings of God’s mighty purposes.

9 thoughts on “Smile for All Things Happen with a Purpose

  1. carmela says:

    Wow..Inday draws well..happy family portrait..yes, everything that happens to God’s children has a a purpose..there are many things to learn and unlearn…. God’s power revealed in all these circumstances……Glory to God.

  2. It's My Thoughts says:

    Your post made me smile and made think for a few moments about what you are saying about “all you have is your soul” It’s so true. My parents passed away a few years ago and they worked hard to build their fortune and empire. They held it to me dearly and sadly I look around and see it’s all still here. Everything they held dear to them, fought for and treasured is still here. Only they are gone. I wish they had built better relationships and paid more attention to people rather than to things. Your message is so right and I hope whoever reads this will take something away from this.

    • Jonan Castillon says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry about the passing of your parents. We will have our own time to “cross the bar” and when that time comes, much of life is quantified and qualified through the good relationships that we have built. I visited your site and you have a nice blog! Best regards and blessings to you! Keep sharing your thoughts!

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