The sound of the alarm from my cell phone awakened me, telling me that it’s already 6:00 o’clock in the morning.

I had fallen asleep after doing my usual early morning chores as online writer. I had worked full-time as search engine optimization specialist for almost six months now. Early morning is my favorite period to work.

I had written articles and built links since 3:00 o’clock in the morning. After almost two hours of pounding on my laptop’s keyboard and finishing my second article that early morning, I decided to stretch on the rattan sofa and catch some sleep.

When the alarm sounded, I stirred, quickly got up, and shut down my laptop. I had to wash and clean Ted. Somebody wanted to see him at 7:00 AM that day.

Meet dear old Ted

Ted came to stay with us in September 2009. For over a year, we enjoyed his company, an ever trustworthy and loyal companion. Despite his old age, Ted never ever let us down except for some few occasions beyond his control.

Who’s Ted? Before you become too puzzled, I would like to introduce Ted to you.

Ted is the name of the Blue Gray 1992 Toyota Corolla that we bought from Dr. Melvin Mangana. It’s not hard to name our first family car because the license plate number reads TED 862.

How Ted joined our family

From Worry To Glory
Ted and I posing in front of the Vaflor's house at CPU compound.

Our daughter, Jadyn Joan started going to Nursery class in 2009. We observed that almost every month she had bouts of asthma. Then we learned that she’s allergic to pollen and dust. Also, she was quite affected walking under the noonday sun. Their Nursery class dismissed at 12:00 o’clock noon.

One day when I and Melvin were talking, he mentioned in passing that he’s selling his old car because he is getting a newer one. When I heard him saying that, I expressed my need for a car to ferry our daughter to school and home.

Melvin recalled how he had difficulty bringing his children to Kindergarten because he was driving a bike. He told me that he is happy to let me have Ted so that I won’t experience what he went through.

From Worry To Glory
Dr. Mangana used to bring his kids to school using a bike.

Realizing my need and his concern for my daughter’s welfare, he and wife Mila agreed to sell their car to us. The great blessing is that I got Ted from them through a “payable-when-able” scheme.

I was just an employee of Central Philippine University and my meager salary could only afford to buy an old car. I and my family are grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Mangana for sharing Ted to us.

Ted came to us at the right time

He became Jadyn’s service in going to school and attending Kid Zone at the University Church. Ted provided comfort and safety for Jadyn and the rest of the family.

Ted played a major role in building our family life

For over a year that Ted stayed with us, he played a very important role in building our family. He would take us to places where our family could fellowship and bond together.

Ted also bore witness to our family dynamics that are just common to any family. These included arguments, quarrels, and scolding. Whenever things are intense and stressful, Ted’s facility enabled us to drive around to find a better place to chill out.

When my younger brother Ivan died, Ted served us faithfully as we went about arranging a lot of things for the burial. His fully tinted glass windows provided the needed privacy for sadness and tears.

The many long road trips to Ajuy, my wife’s hometown, were great time for us to be together. Imagine being inside Ted’s four-door compartment for two hours.

More than the laughter, the food, and the countryside scenes that we share along the way are the sentiments and dreams that were hatched. These trips with Ted are valuable and memorable.

Despite his old age, he never had any major mechanical failure. He simply carried us through any trips, be it near or far, light or heavy.

From Worry To Glory
This photo would always remind us that we had once a household member named Ted.

We love Ted but we have to let go of him

After wiping the last wet part of Ted’s hood, I summoned my wife and daughter to come. We took time taking pictures with Ted. Ted’s new owner is coming that morning and he is taking Ted with him.

We love Ted but we have to let go of him because we need a bigger vehicle, possibly a wagon, to carry our family belongings. We were leaving CPU and we had to vacate the Vaflor’s house in the campus where we stayed for six years.

I and my wife resigned from Central Philippine University because we cannot bear anymore the persecution that we were going through.

My wife who was hired as Assistant Professor in August 2007 was reclassified as staff member through a mere personnel action notice of the Human Resource office.

In my case, the administration under the leadership of Dr. Ted Robles diminished my salary without prior information or explanation at all.

We love Ted but we have to let go of him because we are moving to a better place, a place where truth and justice prevail.

Thank you, our dear old Ted for serving us faithfully for over a year.

As our first family car, Ted will forever remain in our memories.

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