Sharing the Spirit of Christmas in Auckland through Caroling

Glenfield Baptist Church Home Group

The Home Group caroling in one of the rest homes they visited. Grant (w/ guitar) is the leader-conductor of the group.

I never thought that Caroling would be an early Christmas treat for my family. For two days in a row (Dec. 16 and 17), we went with our church home group singing Christmas carols to senior citizens in rest homes and some in their own houses.

Since our arrival at Auckland in November, we attended Glenfield Baptist Church. We participated in the church’s home group that meets every Friday evening. Caroling is the home group’s Christmas season activity.

Christmas caroling in the Philippines

I’m a veteran “caroler” having been singing Christmas songs in cantatas since my primary years in the Philippines. When I was a kid, the Christmas season is not complete without the yearly “Daigon” (local term for caroling) with playmates.

For our instruments, we made our improvised tambourine from flattened soft drink bottle crowns. Our drums were made of empty powdered milk or Milo tin cans with plastic or rubber (deflated balloons) sheets as drum heads.

As soon as school closes for the Christmas vacation, we would go caroling from house to house almost every night. After a couple of songs, a member of the household would come out to give us money, usually peso coins. Perhaps some household could not tolerate our shrill voices and noisy instruments that they would just give money even if we haven’t performed our repertoire.

Hey, what’s up for the Christmas season? Please share it by posting a comment. Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Sharing the Spirit of Christmas in Auckland through Caroling

  1. 'Nang M says:

    Sadya no? Wow, Jadyn maayo mag kanta. I am so happy for all of you, not only finding a home church right away but being able to go caroling & even singing Philippine carols. May God bless you all. Love . . . MM

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