Singing Carols as Christmas Gift


Glenfield Baptist Chuch Home Group

Filipino singers sing Philippine carols as Quinton of South Africa (standing left) and Kelly of South America (sitting right) listen.

We joined our Glenfield Baptist Church home group in singing to residents of rest homes in North Shore, Auckland.

When the home group set the schedule for caroling, we (I, Jewel and Jadyn) were all excited. Jewel and I were most excited to see Jadyn experience for the first time what Christmas caroling is.

Unlike my childhood caroling stints where we expect a gift from the household, the Glenfield Baptist Church home group is doing caroling as Christmas gift.

On December 16 and 17, we went singing Christmas carols to four rest homes and two households.

What a joy to see the bright and happy faces of senior citizens as we sing carols. Some sang along with us when the carols we’re singing are familiar to them.

There were a few who cried upon hearing the Christmas songs. They probably remembered their families and friends during Christmas seasons when they were still young or when they were with their families in celebrating Christmas.

Singing Christmas carols to the elderly is a very enjoyable, meaningful and memorable way to proclaim Christmas.

Though it’s a traditional Christmas melody, Jadyn and Noynoy practiced “Away in a Manger” for their special presentation. Watch Jadyn and Paul’s duet by clicking on the “Play” button of the video clip below.

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