You Are Not Alone!

Central Philippine University

Where is the sunshine?
You thought all your life were cloudy days
And you really want to know,
You wanted to be sure,
Does Jesus still care?

Where are the good times?
You’ve been walking through the narrow path
But now that you’re alone,
You wanted to be sure,
Is Jesus still with you.

You must count the cost
You must give your all
When you follow the Lord

Your faith will be tested
And when trials come
Be firm on your stand
You must live for the Lord!

You are not alone!
He’s walking by your side
And watching day and night
He loves you and me.

You are not alone!
Just trust with all your heart
And keep Him in your mind,
He will walk with you forever.


10 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone!

  1. Ellona Fiona says:

    To, this is a timely message. You must have read my mind, and gazed through my heart. God bless you as you share more of these.

  2. Sue Gonzaga says:

    Thanks for posting this message/ song, a wonderful reminder that we are never alone. The Lord our God in Deut 31:6 promised He will never leave us nor forsake us

  3. elsbeth conlu gerochi says:

    Hi Nong Jonan, thanks for sharing…indeed God uses His children to give comfort, hope and strength to a fellow pilgrim. God bless!

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