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Rev. Castillon is at center of second row.

I would always remember Rev. Malvar Castillon as one of the most “stormy” fiscalizers among Baptist pastors but he was used by God as instrument to have part of my pastoral dreams fulfillment.

In the early 1980’s when I was invited by Pastor Rowe Legada to be one of his wedding’s principal sponsors, I was deeply fascinated and challenged by the possibility of pastoral ministry in Concepcion. That was a dream, a visionary dream.

There are times in our life when we have to dream of our ministry visions. I was so touched to see a small church and listened to a brethren expressing their need for a pastor.

I fell in love with the scenic seascape of Concepcion, which is crowned by many beautiful islets. Most of all I love seafood! “If I would be invited to be a pastor in this place,” I dreamt in my heart during that time, “I will never refuse the invitation.”

Little did I know that dream and vision would be realized after two decades after. Manoy Malvar, as I fondly called him with respect as my elder colleague in the pastoral ministry, introduced me to Concepcion Baptist Church. The church invited to serve the church as their pastor in 2003.

And little did I know that would be the Lord’s leading to spare me from the stigma of politics when I was contemplating to run as Punong Barangay of Brgy Dungon A, Jaro, Iloilo City. I was serving as barangay secretary, then elected as member of the Sangguniang Pambarangay, appointed as chairman of the Peace and Order Committee handling the barangay tanods, and then as chairman of the Lupong Tagapamayapa, a barangay justice system.

I was at the crossroad, because politics was the very thing that caused me to resign as provincial public information officer of then Gov. Enrique Zaldivar of Antique and work at Central Philippine University.

The answer was beautifully shown to me by the Lord, thru Manoy Malvar – pastoral ministry! And this was a realization of the vision which I dreamt before.

To many, Manoy Malvar was a hard-hitting fiscalizer. His unwavering brand of advocacy for righteousness. Not many could see the good points in him, nor in his methods of drawing the best in one’s person.

But there was something that I cannot help but notice. I see the virtues of his strong aura of pastoral spirituality. He and Manay Nitz were both appreciative of good preaching and pastoral ministry. They made me feel at home while I was temporarily staying with them or even when I was already staying in the parsonage because their house is next to Concepcion Baptist Church.

I also observed his dedicated early morning Bible reading, probably a discipline he developed in his very rich pastoral experiences in many local churches under the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches. These include Romblon and Mindoro where he was remembered to have “launched diligently and industriously the intensive program of evangelism and extensions” in about 11 areas; as former chaplain and educator at Filamer Christian College (now a university); a political tactician and consultant in the municipal politics of Ajuy and Concepcion.

He was the golden jubilee president of the Convention Baptist Ministers Association where he is remembered for his strong sentiment of “uplifting the socio-economic status of Baptist pastors as a step towards independence in thinking and action, and not being recipients of the programs set by foreigners who are sending funds.” “We have the desire to become financially stable” he said, “We are just beginning and struggling for total independence when it comes to money matters and maturity in leadership.”

It is thru the ministry of Manoy Malvar that I was able to work and see the beautiful substance of my pastoral dream in Concepcion. Concepcion Baptist Church is one of the flocks of God where I am always be lovingly welcomed as part of their family anytime.

Through him, God had given me the opportunity to revive its pre-school ministry which I am now working to name it as Children’s Home for Integrated Learning and Development (CHILD).

Through his invitation I was able to see the local churches planted in several islets of Concepcion, by the evangelist pastors of the Convention like Rev. Apolonio Francia, Rev. Elias Laprades, among many others, but are struggling for survival.

Sadly, some no longer have worship services for months! A very disturbing reality which almost broke my heart.

Eventually it challenged me to set up the Northern Iloilo Island Church Ministry (NIICM), a program which supports the pastoral ministries of these local churches.

It is through such invitation and with the help of The Believers’ Fellowship we were also able to plant and support the Hillside Gospel Church in a place between Concepcion and San Dionisio.

It is through such invitation that the Lord enabled me to acquire a 2.5 hectares of property in Puntalis, just next to Puntalis Baptist Church. My dream for a retirement place for pastors and workers in Northern Iloilo is being realized. I already subdivided the lot for its future dwellers. I dreamed that part of it will be used as a camp site for young people and church conferences.

I would always remember Manoy Malvar as an instrument for me to look toward the future. To dare to dream with God, to be so in love with the Lord.



Rev. Efren Burgos ministered to Rev. Castillon and his family in his well and bed-ridden years and most of all in his dying moment. Rev. Burgos held devotional, say prayers, and sang hymns on the night Rev. Castillon was dying. He was also there the following morning to pray for the family few moments after Rev. Castillon finally went home to the Lord. All of these happened in a room at New Testament Baptist Church building, Mandurriao, Iloilo City on January 24, 2004.

Rev. Castillon suffered stroke on November 16, 2002 at 70 years old. He survived after 57 days at Iloilo Mission Hospital but his mobility never came back. He remained bed-ridden for a year until his passing.

On Rev. Malvar Castillon’s death anniversary, I requested Rev. Efren Burgos to write this blog post. Thank you Pastor Efren.

I am always grateful for all the overwhelming support that our family received during those trying years. Truly the bond of love that we have in Jesus Christ makes heavy burdens light. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you!


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