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Mag-amba sang pagdayaw sa aton Dios
Dios nga Manunuga
Ihatag ta sa Iya ang mga tinion
Himayaon naton Sia.

Sa aton nga pagtoo kag pagsalig
Nagakalipay Sia
Isikway naton ang sala
Kag Sia pagadayawon ta


Si Cristo ang nagkari sa pagluwas sa aton
Sia magakari liwat kadalag-an naton

(Repeat Chorus)


Amba pagdayaw, amba pagdayaw
Si Hesus ko buhi sa gihapon
Amba pagdaya, amba pagdaya
Si Hesus ko buhi

(Repeat Chorus)


Dayawon naton Sia sa kada adlaw
Isinggit naton ang Hallelujah
Isugid naton sa mga katawhan
Ang Dios Sia lang ang gamhanan

Ibayaw mga kamot, magtoo kita
Isinggit sa katawhan,
Isinggit sa katawhan,
Isinggit sa katawhan,
Ang Dios…Ang Dios Gugma!

*I took these lines from the popular Sunday school song, “Alive, Alive Forevermore”.

History of “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw”

Through all years of singing and hearing “Alive, Alive Forevermore” being sung in Sunday schools and gathering, I prayed that God would give me a tune that would somehow become an alternative song.

In first quarter of 1989, I recall playing a melody at Sambag Baptist Church piano and suddenly the inspiration for lyrics came. Thus, “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” was composed and first performed at Sambag Baptist Church worship service.

“Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” was first taught among Sambag Baptist Church youth. Then they sung it in one program during the Iloilo Kasapulanan Baptist Youth Fellowship Union in Concepcion, Iloilo in summer 1989.

Each time I had the opportunity, especially during youth gatherings, I would teach the song. I remembered teaching delegates at the CBFYP leadership training in 1989.

The Bethany Baptist Temple choir in Bacolod City sang “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” in 1991 during their Original Contemporary Christian Song concert. I stayed at the household of Rev. Jacob Delfin for two weeks to teach their choir the Ilonggo songs that I composed.

The OCCS concert with Bethany Baptist Temple choir was quite memorable because more than my first opportunity to perform in Bacolod City was the great chance to meet and befriended many brothers and sisters in Christ. My deep gratitude for Bethany Baptist Temple choir and congregation for their support and ministry.

Of course, Aileen Banasing, my co-officer in the Convention Baptist Youth Fellowship of the Philippines (CBYFP) suggested my name.

In September 1995, I submitted “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” to Far East Broadcasting Company who launch a contest for the “Pagdayaw” (Hiligaynon Papuri) album they were producing. Praise God, “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” became one of the songs of the “Pagdayaw” Album.

What started as an earnest wish to come up with an alternative song a song came up in God’s own perfect time.

Today, churches in Panay, Negros, and Mindanao continue to sing “Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw” or “Pagdayaw”. It is my prayer that they will teach the song from generation to generation.

All glory be to God, our Almighty Composer!

For lyrics with chords, please click this link –> MAG-AMBA SANG PAGDAYAW LYRICS WITH CHORDS