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The Wisdom of Senator Joker Arroyo’s Acquittal Vote


The day of judgement on Chief Justice Renato Corona came on 29 May 2012. The Philippine Senate, sitting as judges in the impeachment trial, cast 23 votes, with 20 senator-judges voting for conviction and 3 for acquittal.

As one of the three senators who voted for acquittal, it is also good to hear the wisdom from Senator Joker Arroyo‘s acquittal vote.

May the wisdom of God be upon the leaders of our homeland, Philippines as events unfold after this historic event.

For complete transcript of Senator Joker Arroyo’s speech, please click on the link below:

Speech of Senator Joker Arroyo explaining his verdict on Chief Justice Renato Corona, May 29, 2012



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3 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Senator Joker Arroyo’s Acquittal Vote

  1. I was also delighted to hear Senator Arroyo’s speech yesterday. The magnificence of his speech made me believe that the government was not outrightly flagrant for there still were people, like him, who fear nothing but God alone.

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