If you’re searching for a Wikipedia item on “Teachna”, you won’t find any.

And you’re wondering who “Teachna” is and how did she save the day?

Well, Teachna is the character that Jadyn, our daughter created when she was six years old. Know more about Teachna through this short comic strip that she made.

I think most parents would agree that raising a kid in this age of online games is really a challenge. Most kids would rather play online games than read a book or do something creative.

I and my wife hope and pray Jadyn and other kids would develop the value of balanced life, where they express achievements and creativity not only through conquests in online games but also through the basic pen and paper.

Asked why she named her character “Teachna”, Jadyn said, “because she is a teacher”.

Obviously, the teacher has powerful influence to us, especially to young children. For Jadyn, in her young mind, the teacher is symbol (or model) of good power who can defeat evil and who can always save the day.

Let us not forget the Great Teacher who teaches us each day how to live fully.

Long live Teachna! Long live teachers! Long live creativity!

All praises and glory to the Great Teacher – Jesus Christ!

Jadyn loves to write stories and draw illustrations. See more of her work at Jadyn’s Art Work.

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