When does your love become patient to your spouse?

I guess when both of you have learned to accept one another.

Well, for all the different personalities involved in husband and wife relationship, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s true, there’s no generic prescription as each couple has their own unique relationship dynamics.

Basically, married couples ought to understand the sanctity of marriage, which is a covenant not only made between you and your spouse but most of all, with God and the community.

If you have made a vow on your marriage day and the minister blessed you with the Bible verse, “what God has joined together, let not man separate”, then you are bound to work out that marriage relationship from day one to forever.

Your love has become patient when you commit yourself to accepting your spouse. Try to consider that the best lesson in patience is learned through waiting.

You must realize that you are created in the Lord God Almighty’s loving image, broken to sin, but restored by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. When couples commit to take time to build in faith the image of God in their lives, they will surely love each other in patience.

From a Facebook wall, I read this post by a spouse:

My love, all that are happening lately are still part of our never-ending adjustment with one another. Let us remember that “the biggest room in this world is the room for improvement” and the guidance of God in all our struggles and conflicts. I am happy that despite our differences we are able to talk until we have resolved issues that may hinder our good relationship as husband and wife.

For sure there would be things that we will discover while living together but I am always hopeful that in every problem there is a solution because we are partners in life, in love, in struggles, in joys and most of all in faith.  May God bless our family, working hand in hand as a team for His glory! I love you and that’s certainly for life!

Let patience make your love go blind, accept patiently your spouse and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your quest.

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