One late afternoon, as I was walking to PAK’nSAVE, a warehouse grocery 550 meters away from where we’re staying in Timaru, I can’t help but wonder when would winter’s cold diminish.

As I approached the mall’s doors, I read a poster that seems to greet cheerfully all entrants. It reads, “Spring is on the way”.

Wow, the statement had a soothing effect on me. Winter is finally ending and what a joy to know that spring is coming.

Yeah, it’s a relief to know that seasons come and go. Life becomes exciting knowing and anticipating what the new season would bring.

New Zealand’s climate calendar declares September 1 as the start of spring but her meteorology calendar says spring begins 19/20 September 2012.

Whatever date spring would come, it comforts me to know that it is really coming.

Don’t miss the real “Blossom of Spring”

Spring brings out the full beauty of nature, wherever we are. Tree branches that became bare in winter have now shown green shoots. I saw the tulip bulbs in the flower box had sprung its green blades. Soon we will be surrounded with different flowers, their bright colours bursting in magnificence

I’m sure people would flock again to behold the blooming roses of Parnell, Auckland and Caroline Bay Park, Timaru.

Of course, the blossoms of Taranaki, Hamilton, the ‘garden city’ of Christchurch and many other city festivals make spring the most anticipated season in New Zealand.

As people in New Zealand prepare for their spring break itinerary, may they not forget that the real and eternal bloom of spring is our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

He is our hope that never fades despite the changing seasons.

The harshness of the seasons of life may befall us but let our faith in Jesus carry us through because to those who believe, “spring is on the way” always.

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NOTE: All photographs used in this post are owned by Engr. Karl Hipolito. Thank you very much Karl for allowing me to use your “Spring – New Zealand” photos.