On 23 December 2011, 6:00 PM, the Glenfield Baptist Church home group went to one big rest home. There we sang Christmas carols in their lounges, rooms, and hallways.

We just found great time singing and sharing the Christmas message to elderly folks who were awake.

We were singing in one room when one staff approached us. She invited the group to sing to a dying occupant.

As we sang “Silent Night”, the folks of the elderly who was about to rest in peace were teary-eyed. I saw the rest home staff crying too.

When Sharon and Jewel sangChristmas Isn’t Christmas Til it Happens in Your Heart“, the message of the song and the scene in the room, the elderly who’s dying moved every one of us.

I was just holding my tears for I was already crying inside. I suppose the dying person can hear the song too.

I felt sad thinking that one person listening to “Christmas Isn’t Christmas…” won’t hear songs again here on earth. Joyful of the thought she will be singing with Jesus Christ and the saints in heaven.

As I joined in singing the chorus I saw one woman in the room. She’s probably a daughter of the elderly. She was listening intently with very sad countenance, her eyes staring afar.

Truly, we feel sad when our loved one dies but Christmas is our hope for everlasting life. And what joy would it be when you are singing and celebrating Christmas with the grand celebrator, Jesus Christ.

Sharing the Christmas Spirit through caroling is one Christmas season that I and my family will never forget.

Christmas 2011 is very memorable not only because it was our first Christmas in Auckland but most of all we shared Christmas and touched lives through caroling.

Children and adults are excited as they wait along the streets to see what’s coming up for the annual Santa Parade.

People waiting for the Santa Parade Auckland 2011 to start.

Will God find the same excitement and anticipation when Jesus Christ comes again?

Let’s keep watching and praying. Who knows tomorrow will be TRUE CHRISTMAS again!