Christ the Only Way Movement Philippines – Learning through Letters

christ the only way movement philippines

The Christ the Only Way Movement was a national, inter-denominational, cooperative, and coordinated program of evangelism and church growth which began as a vision at the World Congress on Evangelism in 1966, was formulated at the Asia-South Pacific Congress on Evangelism in Singapore in 1968, and approved at the All Philippines Congress on Evangelism in Cainta, Rizal, in 1970.

My father, Rev. Malvar Castillon worked with the Christ the Only Way Movement in the 1970s. He was the District Coordinator of the Romblon-Mindoro Area.

I am able to get a glimpse of how the mission went about during that era through the letters that Rev. Castillon received from the COW movement leaders.

The letter below from Field Director Jim Montgomery describes the financial situation of the organization. It also gives us idea about the financial situation of pastors working with them.

Christ the Only Way Movement Philippines

This is just one of the many letters about the COW Movement that are in the Rev. Castillon collection. We will be blogging about Christ the Only Way Movement so that we will know what really took place during that period.

As a son of one of the COW coordinators, the information give me so much memories of my father who was always away on an evangelistic activity or coordinators’ meeting. It also make me proud of him for being a faithful and diligent ‘soldier of Christ’.

5 thoughts on “Christ the Only Way Movement Philippines – Learning through Letters

  1. Anonymous says:

    i learned about hush singers through their songs.I own one of the songbook when i was in the high school. i like their songs and like to sing them even until now. i lost my copy hope to have one now if recovered from the collections of the old library of music.

  2. toolbyte says:

    The names Christ the Only Way Movement, Nene Ramientos and the Hush Singers brought back pleasant and inspiring childhood memories. Roxas Baptist Church (now Roxas Mindoro Convention Baptist Church) which Tatay was pastoring then was an active partner in these crusades.

  3. Grace Mayumi says:

    Wow I was saved through Christ the Only Way movement when I was in Grade Five and that was 1974. It was held in Odiongan Town Plaza and the speaker then was from FEBC Pastor. Praise God for that movement because I’ve realized then I needed a Savior.

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