Guest blog post by Felix Colinco

Dumangas Baptist Church

In remembrance of my father’s death anniversary on 24 January 2012, I’m sharing this FB note that Pastor Felix wrote.

The Rev. Malvar Castillon whom we fondly call “Manoy Malvar” created a significant part in my life as a person and as a mentor. I would like to recall one of his wit and wisdom that i have learned from him in one of our encounters.

There was a certain moment in the life of Dumangas Baptist Church, I recalled, it was the month we were celebrating the anniversary of the church. We have invited Rev. Castillon to speak during the vesper service.

He was on fire with the preaching that evening. Full of power and deep in conviction, he encouraged the church to move on and push more for the ministry of reaching out to the community.

As the worship ended, one the church members informed us to immediately visit a dying member at Paloc Sool. Without hesitation, Manoy Malvar and I went to respond to the opportunity to visit and join the family during the dying moments of the church member.

One important wisdom I learned from Manoy Malvar that evening was from his prayer for the family. He said, “Lord, if it is Your will, our beloved brother will live and be well…”

In that prayer I felt the depth of the trust, and the confidence to God’s plan and from that moment my relationship with Manoy Malvar grew deeper. I appreciate his faith more.

Though we may have known each other casually, that evening, thing changed. His prayer opened my understanding to knowing and trusting God in times of life and death.

PHOTO: Dumangas Baptist Church Original FB Page