Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.
Mark 13:33

Time of your life

quiet time with God

Have you thought and realized that the little time we are spending with God would matter big time when suddenly all else fail?

We grow up in a society where achieving a good and successful life means working hard and earning high. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it because indeed we need to work hard and earn a living.

The issue is more on spending almost all of our time on what we thought were the essentials of good life to the point that we even compromise the two-hour we spend for Sunday worship.

Oftentimes, going to church on Sunday for even the short moment of worshiping God is a struggle for some of us. If it’s not, we see it only as fulfilling an obligation but our heart is not really into it.

Many don’t realize having quiet time with God is important. Maybe some know but they never get to do it regularly.

There are people who woke up in comfort, they have everything in life, business and career are very successful and the need to worship God is not relevant anymore.

Doing online writing, I recalled one of my clients who after knowing that I’m a pastor, expressed that he doesn’t believe in God.

A month later a strong earthquake hit their city and devastation was widespread. Chatting through Skype the day after the earthquake, I read his message requesting for prayers as they go through the calamity that struck their place.

I have read how people who have forsaken God, who never gave time to commit their lives to Him, who are in the midst of trials, hang on to that little time they spent in faithful worship service for sanity and survival.

Yes, let’s not neglect the little time that we give in communing with God because I’m sure that it would matter a lot when trials come.

If two hours every Sunday is the only time you can spend with God, please make sure that it’s the best and precious time you can give.

You might not be aware nor you might not believe but your existence hangs on that thin thread of time you spend with God.

Don’t wait for calamities to come before you treasure your time with God.

Make it matter now before your time in this world runs out.

What do you think hinders people from spending great time with God. Please post a comment below…Thank you!

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