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We are so happy to see Jadyn finding joy in writing.

Since she learned how to read and write, she just love to write stories. To inspire her passion and publish her art work, we created Jadyn’s Art Work.

For their writing exercise a week ago, the Year 3 class at Room 7 composed their “Once upon a time” stories.

Jadyn’s piece was one of the two stories that the school printed in the Waimataitai’s newsletter 27 March 2012 edition.

Jadyn also appeared as one of the main characters in the story that Sakari, her classmate and best friend wrote. Their stories were published together.

Waimataitai School - Once Upon a Time Stories

Please CLICK on the image above to see how the stories appear in the newsletter.

We thank Mrs. Nikola Vincent for mentoring and supporting Jadyn. We appreciate Waimataitai School, the principal and teachers for creating a wonderful learning environment and experiences for all pupils.

PHOTO CREDITS: Iya Jarbadan, Waimataitai School