For nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37)

multicultural response event

We were a couple of weeks before moving from Auckland to Timaru in August 2012.

I was searching for a church where our family could join to worship and serve in the ministry.

I was on the phone talking to a woman who gave me information about their church (not Wilson Street Baptist Church).

I asked how possible it is to start a multicultural ministry in their church.

She said there are no Filipinos nor people from other countries in their membership.

I can’t forget what she mentioned, “there’s not much multicultural ministry going on here”.

Eight months later, on 20 April 2013, Wilson Street Baptist Church held the Evening of Praise and Worship, their first multicultural event.

Watch the Evening of Praise and Worship video clip of the event.

Indeed, nothing is impossible with God and in fact, the possibilities are endless as we keep on trusting and believing Him.