Meeting Evangelist Raymond Lentzsch – Encounter That Changed My Life Forever

Uncle Ray in a courtesy call with the late Iloilo City Mayor Rodolfo Ganzon

Uncle Ray in a courtesy call with the late Iloilo City Mayor Rodolfo Ganzon

I met the evangelist Raymond Lentzsch in February 1991 when I was port volunteer of M/V Doulos for two weeks at the Iloilo City port.

We, M/V Doulos port volunteers, call him “Uncle Ray”.

I was assigned as his interpreter as he went around the city preaching at the city streets, plaza, city hall, provincial jail and market places of Iloilo City.

I got my “baptism of fire” in street evangelism through him because as interpreter, you also feel like you’re the evangelist.

I can’t forget preaching with him in the market of Santa Barbara town, a 30-minute drive from Iloilo City.

We had to stand on a vacant market table so the people listening will see us. Then the bells from nearby Catholic church belfry began tolling as he spoke and I interpreted.

That two weeks of working with Uncle Ray changed my life forever. His commitment to proclaim the Good News and his letters encouraged me to become a pastor.

I managed to keep one of his letters through all these years. Have a great encouragement today from a great servant of God by reading Uncle Ray’s letter:

Faith encouragement
Raymond Lentzsch Letter 2

I reconnected with Uncle Ray through his Facebook account on 7 August 2010.

He says:

[quote]Dear Jonan: Great to hear how you have pressed on in the work of the Lord, and I do recall those times you remembered when you translated for me. OM India has just published my book. If you’d like a complimentary copy, just send me your mailing adddress. Warmly in Christ at age 83, Ray Lentzsch[/quote]

I thank the Lord for the many people who have been great encouragement in the ministry.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Evangelist Raymond Lentzsch – Encounter That Changed My Life Forever

  1. GLORIA says:

    Yup, Pastor Jonan, Im a Doulos fanatic and bought a lot of spiritual books from them.
    Others got lost due to multiple handling from one interested reader to another. I got one that was so dear to me but now its gone. If you happen to come accross this book at Doulos entitled the Ultimate Power, please let me know, Im willing to pay for the price.,Thank you and please pray for my exam on Friday November 8. Ill get back to you as soon as I have enough time to chat by next week. God bless you more.


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