Keeping Christ in Christmas

The Danger of Keeping Santa in Christmas

The Salvation Army Band and its firm Christmas statement

The Salvation Army Band and its firm Christmas statement

Reason for the Season is Jesus

Don’t get me wrong here. I love Santa Claus for the tale of generousity he exemplifies.

I could still recall hanging stockings on our wall (we don’t have chimney in Central Philippines) and what glee I felt discovering a packet of Nips chocolate the follow morning.

Of course, it didn’t take eon of years to discover that it’s been our parents playing Santa, much to their delight.

I grew up believing that Santa Claus is a person who’s following the example of Jesus Christ, for whom Christmas is celebrated.

Yes. I believe in the Santa Claus who’s very generous because he had experienced the sacrificial love of God in Jesus Christ.

Anyway, my purpose for this blog post is to mention one danger of keeping Santa in Christmas.

I read an opinion on how Santa is being attributed as the “reason for the season (of Christmas)” and not Jesus Christ in the many Christmas Parade around New Zealand.

Will we be seeing changes in the future of celebrating “Santamas” instead of Christmas?

I’m seeing more of “Santa Parade” instead of Christmas Parade being promoted.

With the fast changing world where beliefs, values and meanings are gradually changing, there is great danger in keeping Santa in Christmas.

And that danger is ‘Santa’ could be rearranged easily to ‘Satan’ because some people in this ever changing society would prefer darkness to light.

Far out? Well, I’m trying to be broadminded here…if a sector in the community could persuade governments to re-define marriage….hmmm…you know what I mean?

So, while we still have the strength, faculty and facility, let us keep CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!

Keep Christ in Christmas because who knows, tomorrow will be really Christmas day!


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