Timaru District Hospital
Timaru District Hospital

I’m happy and thankful for the opportunity to hold my first hospital visit today.

I’ve done hospital visits before when we were in Auckland and here in Timaru but it’s my first time to visit as a pastor.

Finally, I have the chance to apply what I learned from the two Clinical Pastoral Education courses I took at Central Philippine University College of Theology with chaplaincy practicum at Iloilo Mission Hospital.

Approaching the reception desk, I greeted the staff, introduced myself, state my purpose of coming and requested her to please connect me to the chaplain-on-duty.

After making the courtesy call to the chaplain-on-duty, I proceeded to conduct my hospital visit.

I appreciate the friendliness of Timaru District Hospital personnel.

I must admit this has been a fulfilling day for me and the person whom I visited.

To God be the glory!