hope in the Lord

Pastor John’s message yesterday (29 June 2014) on “Building Blocks – Hope” made me reflect on my hope experiences.

Apart from asking myself how I may be able to share or give hope to others, I also contemplated on the quality of hope I am able to give.

His challenge:

Who is able to give true hope in a world with so many unfulfilled promises? God is building something in us and the capacity to both life and communicate hope is one of the ‘building blocks.’

My hope experiences have taught me that it’s only when I put my total and absolute trust on what God can do that I am able to hope completely in God.

I have learned that to experience real hope, I need to “let go 100% and let God 100%”.

What makes hope less is the human element portion that we put in.

I contemplated that if I put any iota of hope on my personal capabilities, it becomes my germ of a doubt on God’s power.

This doubt, like any germ, if always present in situations that demand my total or complete hope in God, would multiply and totally destroy whatever true hope that’s left in me.

Yes, that small amount of doubt can bring about hopelessness.

Also, if my hope is based on my capabilities and resources, then my hopeless situations were settled more on my personal effort rather than on God’s Almighty power.

Looking back at the many hopeless instances I went through, I realised that what made me feel hopeless and desperate was when I focused more on what I can do, cracking my brain trying to sort out possible solutions.

However, when I let go and put my hands up in full surrender, accepting my incapability and focusing intently on what God can do, anticipating the solutions He already has for me, my hope becomes strong.

Then peace and quiet govern my body and spirit because my hope is God and Him alone.

Friends, may this short reflection inspire you to evaluate your hope experiences.

May our hope grow more and more as we build it on nothing less but Jesus Christ.