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To many, infrastructure management consulting is a service that may not be as popular as providing services for the basic needs of the community like food, clothing and shelter services.

But here are some reasons we are asking you to please vote for Waugh Infrastructure Management in the People’s Choice Award:

  • Waugh Infrastructure Management has given OWNiche (our web design company) the opportunity to re-design, optimise and promote online their company website. The company is our first client.
  • As the company name suggests, Waugh Infrastructure Management is a consulting company providing advices on infrastructure management, asset management planning, asset system application and other processes related to infrastructure assets.
  • Waugh Infrastructure Management serves 70% of NZ territorial Councils, 85% of NZ Population
  • Infrastructure affect our daily lives. Imagine the functionality/non-functionality, efficiency/inefficiency of roads and highways, transportation and traffic systems, bridges, water utilities, parks and recreation, etc.
  • Waugh Infrastructure Management’s consultancy has implication on how town/city/district councils are able to manage well their infrastructure assets with subsequent impact on the financial resources of the town or cities.

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Voting closes 5pm, Friday 22nd August, NZ Time

We Need Your Vote – Peoples Choice Award  2014 SC Business Excellence Awards