2014 general election nz

Appreciating the New Zealand 2014 General Election – Our First

2014 general election nz

John Key of National Party waving to his supporters (Photo grabbed from Stuff.co.nz video)

Yesterday, 20 September 2014, we cast our votes, our historic first participation in New Zealand’s general election.

Towards noon, I and Jewel and Jadyn tarrying along trooped to the voting place, which is at the Waimataitai School Social hall.

We’re glad it’s just over a 100 metres away from where we live.

There were no long queues when we arrived. There’s just one person before me.

I really admired how the person distributing the ballots just simply asked “Are you this person?” (pointing to my name on the Easyvote card).

No ID card, no in-depth scrutiny, no request for person to verify my identity.

Our voting lasted for less than five minutes as there were only two circles to tick, one for party vote and the other for electoral representative.

What’s really amazing and admirable is that the results came out on the late night of the same day.

Towards midnight with 99% of results in, I watched John Key giving his victory speech.

His acknowledging and thanking his strong rival, David Cunliffe of Labour Party for calling him and conceding defeat made the process very honourable.

Such is the gift of democracy, administered well in the spirit of freedom and honesty by the people and government of New Zealand.

Coming from a country where in some places the election conduct is quite the opposite, our first New Zealand general election is like a breath of fresh air.

It is my prayer and hope that Kiwis will always cherish and preserved the democratic and honour system that we migrants appreciate.

Congratulations John Key and the National Party! Congratulations to all participating parties!

Congratulations New Zealand!

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