Lessons Learned from My Sickness Part 7: God’s Wallet – The Sufficiency of God’s Provision

Faithfulness of God
Indeed, God’s grace is sufficient for our needs!

Honestly, a few questions kept bouncing in my mind during my long days of hospital confinement.

  1. How long will I be made to stay here?
  2. What additional procedures, laboratory tests, medications will be presribed for me?
  3. What will they cost?
  4. Do we have the means and resources to pay the accumulating bills?
  5. What about the next stage of procuring my targeted therapy?

I have asked these questions because one of life’s realities confronting people now is the high cost of health and medical services. To get sick is very very expensive.

In presenting these concerns with Mam Martha, she confidently declared that it’s not something for us to worry about.

She’s holding on to God’s promise and powerful declaration, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

To put our mind at ease, and our faith in action, we earnestly prayed about it and designate an empty wallet as “God’s Wallet”.

There, the Lord showed us his amazing acts and miraculous power.

It was there that love gifts, contributions, envelopes, cheques, remittances from individuals, families, couples, groups, churches, organizations, institutions, alumni batches, friends and acquaintances which keep on coming were put into by Mam Martha.

These resources, which keep on pouring with words of encouragement, prayers of intercessions, and generous acts of mercy were so overwhelming!

Our “God’s wallet” has never been empty ever since. Indeed, God’s grace is sufficient for our needs!

Posted on FB: 4 March 2015 – 2:06 PM

Jaro Evangelical Church

About the Author

Rev. Ronny Luces was the Minister for Administration and Community Service of Jaro Evangelical Church (JEC), Iloilo City, Philipines. He, his wife, Martha and daughter, Ronamae have been with JEC’s ministry since 1994.

Pastor Ronny graduated from Central Philippine University College of Theology in 1985 and was pastor of several Baptist churches.

In January 2015, after tests and two long hospital confinements, Pastor Ronny got the word he had lung cancer. He underwent chemotherapy.

Praying for healing and going through all the medical processes, Pastor Ronny started writing his reflections “Lessons Learned from My Sickness.”

On 9 July 2015, Pastor Ronny rested his earthly life.

May Pastor Ronny’s series of reflections and meditations strengthen your hope and faith as you go through your own life’s battles.

PHOTO CREDIT: Hamnoy – Lofoten, Norway by Karl Hipolito. Used by permission.