By Ross Waugh

Ross wrote and posted this reflection on his Facebook wall. We have asked his permission to publish it here.

Counting God's blessings

I went for a decent walk late this morning out to the Jacks Point Lighthouse and back.

It was foggy for much of the walk, and the fog was just starting to clear as I came back towards Timaru, as the photo shows.

The fog suited me, as it wasn’t too heavy, but it wrapped around and created my own little space as I walked.

I wanted time to think and reflect, as today would have been my son Josiah’s 21st birthday. Our lives were and still are immeasurably changed by the 2 days Josiah spent with us 21 years ago.

I sat at the seat on the Point by the Lighthouse and spent some time looking back and thinking about the time that has passed so quickly.

I learnt that lesson 21 years ago, that each day is precious, and to be used wisely, and for good purposes wherever possible.

So, here is my reflection:

That love is worth whatever price, even when the price is much grief and loss.

That I have been incredibly blessed over the past 21 years with much love in my life, from my beautiful soulmate Hilary, from all my children, from my new daughter Chelsea and my wider family and friends.

That I have also been incredibly blessed with work that I love and find hugely rewarding and fulfilling, and with people I really enjoy working with – my colleagues and friends in my office, when I work as part of international teams and working with my clients.

I have hobbies and pastimes that I enjoy, I have been blessed with the experiences of travel, and I consider myself fortunate to live in one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world.

As I sat and reflected at Jacks Point this morning, I found myself counting the blessings in my life, they are many, and I am humbled by them.

Some of those blessings have come with much pain and grief, such as with Josiah, and more recently Matts passing, but they have still been blessings wrapped in laughter and much love.

I resolved to continue to treat each day as precious, to give and receive love as much as possible, to continue to be generous, to laugh and enjoy life more, and to be thankful and humble for the many blessings I continue to receive.