He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. Matthew 8:26

During quiet and uneventful moments in your life, don’t be afraid nor doubt but focus on your faith and God’s provision.

Have you had “you-of-little-faith” experiences?

It’s that experience where you thought it is going to be just another ordinary, slow, uneventful day for you as the previous days had been.

Then surprisingly, the day turns out to be grand, fast, eventful, very opposite to what you’ve been used to expect.

What could have been a quiet and cold day, another day of waiting becomes a noisy joyful day abundantly, exceeding your expectations?

Then as the eventful day comes to a close, you realised that you have had another you-of-little-faith experience.

trusting Jesus to guide you

Maybe you’ve been through a lot of trials, failures, frustrations and you think that the Lord God isn’t listening to you.

One of the great things that I’ve learned from my mother is her faith and trust in the power of God.

In all the trials that our family went through, she would say calmly, “magsalig lang kita sa Ginoo” (let us just trust the Lord).

Growing up in faith, I found myself saying the same phrase as we face our own uncertain days. And I could say it with great confidence because surely the Lord God never fails.

So, are you struggling, wondering what lies ahead?

Don’t lose hope. Persevere and wait patiently for Him.

The Lord God is building your faith and He wants you to trust Him.

As Jesus had calmed the storm, so He will surely give you peace far beyond your understanding.

You-of-little-faith experiences are His ways of building your faith and enabling you to expect wonderful things from Him.