Can you find a reason to rejoice?
Is there any reason left to rejoice?
Things didn’t go well as planned and now you’re wondering
Will you stand?

Where can I find meaning to rejoice?
When lives are lost around me can I still sing?
Will the melody soothe the longings of broken hearts?
Will I rejoice?
Still, will I rejoice?

REFRAIN ( @ 1:00 minute)

Walking along the beach we seek,
We talk and listen
What the waves may say…

As the surf rolls on the sand
And touch our feet
We’re still on Higher Ground…

Holding our hands we pray
Trusting and believing that
God is there for us
Yes, He’s with us!

BRIDGE: (@ 1:34 minute)

Lord speak to us in a way that
We can embrace the confusion and uncertainties
Of many events that happen and come to us unexpectedly

Praise God for His peace now I rejoice!
Just thinking of whatever is true and pure.
Whatever is lovely and admirable,
I will think of great things… and…
I will rejoice!
I will rejoice!
I will rejoice!