Success and Abundant Life Have No Secret

“Patience and hard work are necessary for success”

From Worry To Glory

The road to success is like the dusty and muddy old country road, which maybe difficult to traverse and you need patience and hard work to reach your destination.

During my high school years, I observed that our teacher’s favorite quotes were posted on the walls of the classroom. They were neatly printed on bond-paper sized colored cardboards, wrapped with transparent plastic to lengthen its poster life.

“Patience and hard work are necessary for success” is one of these classroom quotes that had remained ingrained in my mind since reading it when I was a freshman. I do not know where my teacher got that statement but it stuck like a nail driven into my head. This saying keeps on flashing through my mind; it always seems to reverberate every time I have difficult undertakings.

Perhaps, the statement made lasting impact on me because I recalled that I was in a very difficult situation at that time. My parents got no stable job then.

My father was a pastor but he can’t get a pastorate because denomination leaders blocked invitations to work in a church. He was tagged as inimical to the Convention Baptist institution when he fought for justice and righteousness.

To make ends meet, he sold floor wax, later, he switched to selling powdered fruit juices around Roxas City and Mindanao to support his family.

To augment food on our table, we cultivated and planted vegetables on a small patch of lot behind the house that we were renting. In several occasions, I would bring some vegetables, like camote tops, alogbati, malunggay, and tugabang to the nearby “talipapa” (wet market) and either sell it or barter it for fresh fish.

Many of life’s situations taught me what patience and hard work really mean. The very thing that keeps me toiling and persevering is the calm assurance that pursuing my passion with zealousness is already success in itself. The rewards that would follow are the further rewards, the bonuses, and blessings that patience and hard work bring.

The many successful work students that graduated from Central Philippine University (CPU) are legacies of patience and hard work.

One of them is Johnny Ancheta, who hails from San Andres, a remote coastal town in Tablas Island, Romblon, Philippines. He went to study Theology at CPU in 1950 as a work student.

He was about to quit school after two to three months for lack of financial support but he begged the seminary dean for any kind of work. Johnny did carpentry and janitorial work in exchanged for tuition subsidy. Getting a chance to work and study in the US, Johnny and his wife, Nellie became successful realtors in California.

Another work student who defied the odds is Rosanna Lim. She came from Northern Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. She studied Hospitality Management at CPU in 2004 through a pre-need company scholarship but she later became a work student when the pre-need company went bankrupt.

A year before coming to CPU, her mother died. With her bed-ridden father incapable of sending support and her pre-need company scholarship gone, Rosanna applied as work student at CPU. To earn extra for her board and lodging, she took tutorial jobs. She graduated with honors despite the difficulties she faced.

She finished her on-the-job-training ahead of time, working overtime to complete the required hours. Her diligence to find work resulted into getting a full-time job as customer service specialist at a call center while she was still finishing her last three months in college. Currently, she is now assistant manager of a branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

From Worry to Glory

In order to win, the soccer player has to focus on one objective alone, to score a goal. He needs patience and hard work to achieve it.

I am sure that each one of us has his/her own unique stories of patience and hard work that resulted in triumph. Sweet success is the fruit of the bitter seeds of patience and hard work.

Those who went through extreme difficulty in life could always look back with fond memories the experiences that led them to tremendous achievements. Showing great fortitude and diligence in every life’s endeavor will bring about the triumph that you want to have.

There is no limit to what a person can do when patience and hard work has manifested in one’s family, career, and community. It has been proven that these two values attract success and abundant life.


Praying for a very successful Christ Emphasis Week celebration at Central Philippine University.

Achieving Your Fullest Potential through Knowing Your Mission

Abundant Life

Like a flowering plant that is destined to bloom, we are created to live the abundant life.

After realizing that abundant life is using your fullest potential before God, probably, you might want to ask how can you achieve your fullest potential.

Where can you find it?

Is your fullest potential something that you learn in school through a college degree?

Do you need to enroll in the world’s most popular and best universities to gain it?

You probably grew up in a society where the common and prevailing thought and norm is that having a college diploma is one’s ticket to success. Furthermore, getting a master’s degree or specializing through a doctoral program adds to your potential in getting better opportunities.

In the “commonest” sense, this is true because indeed a person who has attained the highest educational degree, usually gets the accolades, recognition and opportunity. More so, when that person has achieved so much.

However, there are those who have not even finished high school but were able to gain knowledge through practical life situations. They have achieved greatly more than what a person with Ph.D. has achieved.

I am not saying that education is not important. In fact, I would like to emphasize that it is only through education that one learns how to meet his or her fullest potential.

The difference is acquiring knowledge through formal and informal means. Definitely, how to gain one’s fullest potential is not the monopoly of colleges and universities.

You might have attained all the academic degrees in the world but you will still end up failing to carry out your fullest potential because simply you don’t have a personal mission in life.

My personal quest to gain my fullest potential before the Lord has taught me that knowing your personal mission in life is very primary. When one has discovered his or her mission in life, especially at an early age, you will be driven with so much enthusiasm in fulfilling what you wanted to do. You have that zest to pursue diligently what you wanted to do.

I had a chance to talk to two upcoming college freshmen of Central Philippine University. I learned they wanted to take up the nursing course because of their parents’ desire. They revealed that deep inside, if they had a choice, they wanted to excel in the arts because they have passion for writing, speaking, and acting.

While I don’t see anything wrong with parents influencing strongly their kids in choosing their career, I am concerned when parents would influence their children’s course by economy and not by their kid’s mission in life.

I believe in the sacredness of supporting children meet the full potential that God has reserved for them. I suggest that parents must take time to help guide their children to discover their mission in life.

I have been through situations before when I have to wonder and wander what will I do in life because I don’t know what my mission in life is.

When I met life’s crossroads, I would just readily choose any direction that I think was right. I never decided by a life mission serving as my road map to where I am going.

I realized that it was only when I discovered and firmed up my mission in life that I was able to pursue confidently my passion and meet my fullest potential before God.

Wondering and wandering about how to do your fullest potential? Get to know your mission…right now!

Are you living to your fullest potential now by the mission that God has revealed to you? Kindly share your abundant life experience on the comment form below. Thank you.