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Thank You Lord for Online Writing Niche

We give thanks to our Lord God Almighty for giving us Online Writing Niche way back in July 2010.

Online Writing Niche started as a result of my attending a free online seminar in online marketing.

I began writing online in 2009 after my brother Asiel Nils encouraged me to try my writing skills online.

My desire to learn more led me to investing my time in gaining skills about the venture.

The first post “Finding a Niche in Online Writing” marks the start of the blog.

From this first blog post in 31 July 2010, Online Writing Niche has progressed into a company we established on 17 May 2013 in New Zealand.

Through Online Writing Niche we are able to earn our keep and support the Multicultural Response Ministry we are doing in South Canterbury.

To God be the glory!

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6[/note]

From Worry To Glory

Our Visitors from 132 Countries – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

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As of writing, From Worry To Glory’s visitors have come from 132 countries.

The top 10 countries are as follows:

  1. PH – Philippines
  2. US – United States
  3. CA – Canada
  4. NZ – New Zealand
  5. SA – Saudi Arabia
  6. GB – United Kingdom
  7. AU – Australia
  8. RU – Russia
  9. SG – Singapore
  10. AE – United Arab Emirates

Highest Number of Visitors

On 26 October 2011, From Worry To Glory received 453 visits, 263 of them were new visitors.

Newest Country

The newest flag to be added is Marshall Island (MH)

See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

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Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

For four years, From Worry To Glory garnered 120 posts. These includes 115 blog posts and five main pages of the site.

I have listed the all-time top 10 posts.

Please take time to click and discover yourself why these posts are the readers’ favourites.


1. Reasons For Beautiful Living in South Canterbury 1,494
2. The “David” Who Knocked-Out Our Unemployment “Goliath” 496
3. The Wisdom of Senator Joker Arroyo’s Acquittal Vote 447
4. Reflections on “Let’s Talk About Txt! Understanding Culture of the Filipino Youth” 426
5. The Day I Let Go of Ted 357
6. Awakened! 341
7. Sharing the Spirit of Christmas in Auckland through Caroling 335
8. About From Worry To Glory 313
9. Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw Lyrics and History (Let’s Sing Praises) 274
10. Had He Ever Lived? 274


See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

CLICK this link–>Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Four Years of From Worry To Glory – Site Statistics

From Worry To Glory turned exactly 4 years on 25 September.

Looking back, please allow me to share the blessing that we garnered. Let me begin with the Site Statistics.

Starting the blog four years ago, I thought I would just be web logging for myself.

At that time, I only wanted to learn how to blog. I saw it as one portal to publish my articles.

Also I need an online portfolio as I’ve started taking online writing jobs through oDesk.

As days, months and four years go by, From Worry To Glory has developed into an online ministry.

After four years, let’s have a look at the statistics: (CLICK the image to see the big picture)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory's hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory’s hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

FWTG Stats


Timaru Port Breakwater

No Doubt in the Power of Jesus


March 10, 2011

I am a Petra Fan since 1985. Among my many favorite Petra songs, “No Doubt” is very relevant to my current situation.

We are embarking on several big projects for the family, projects that we pray would be very successful.

Also, beginning April 1, I will be on a new journey.  I resigned from Central Philippine University effective March 31.  I have started my freelance venture, starting a virtual company, Online Writing Niche.

I am looking forward to establishing an SEO Training Center, the Online Writing Niche Training Center where I will be sharing my online experiences to those who are interested, willing to study, and learn Search Engine Optimization.

Indeed, when you trust and have no doubt in Jesus Christ, all will be alright and everything will work together for good.

Play the song above and as you listen, meditate on the lyrics below…

There are times when you feel like you can’t go on
There are times when you feel like giving in
And there are times when you feel like you can’t try anymore
There are times of trouble in believing
This test of your faith will last
As long as it takes to pass
Till you have no more doubt you’ll endure
And your faith will emerge true and pure

No doubt it’ll be alright
With God it’ll work together for good
No doubt in the end it will be understood
No doubt it’ll all work out
With faith He can move any mountain for us
No doubt in the power of Jesus
And after all is done we find out
All we really need to have is no doubt

There’s a time to take a reckless leap of faith
There’s a time to be cautious and to wait
And there’s a way of learning from the past
That this time of trouble won’t last
And sometimes we want to think we know
The ways He will choose to make us grow
But it’s never the way of our choosing
And we can’t always see what He’s using

There will be winters in the seasons of our soul
With a cold and bitter wind that chills our lives
But our faith can be building a fire
That will warm us till springtime arrives
Read the full lyrics below and take the blessings…


January 3, 2012

After resigning from CPU, the Lord God Almighty provided me a wonderful job as Project Manager of an Internet Marketing company based in Canada.

I left CPU with a bad feeling because after six years of hard work, instead of getting a promotion I was demoted both in position and salary without any valid reason.

However, God raised me up. He provide me a job, promoted me to manager’s position and raised my salary five times the rate that I was receiving from Central Philippine University.

Every time I recall what happened, I smile and give thanks to God because I have seen and experienced how the Mighty Power of Jesus Christ defeated the force of injustice and folly.

Victory is always yours as long as you firmly believe.