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Our Visitors from 132 Countries – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

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As of writing, From Worry To Glory’s visitors have come from 132 countries.

The top 10 countries are as follows:

  1. PH – Philippines
  2. US – United States
  3. CA – Canada
  4. NZ – New Zealand
  5. SA – Saudi Arabia
  6. GB – United Kingdom
  7. AU – Australia
  8. RU – Russia
  9. SG – Singapore
  10. AE – United Arab Emirates

Highest Number of Visitors

On 26 October 2011, From Worry To Glory received 453 visits, 263 of them were new visitors.

Newest Country

The newest flag to be added is Marshall Island (MH)

See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

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Four Years of From Worry To Glory
Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

For four years, From Worry To Glory garnered 120 posts. These includes 115 blog posts and five main pages of the site.

I have listed the all-time top 10 posts.

Please take time to click and discover yourself why these posts are the readers’ favourites.


1. Reasons For Beautiful Living in South Canterbury 1,494
2. The “David” Who Knocked-Out Our Unemployment “Goliath” 496
3. The Wisdom of Senator Joker Arroyo’s Acquittal Vote 447
4. Reflections on “Let’s Talk About Txt! Understanding Culture of the Filipino Youth” 426
5. The Day I Let Go of Ted 357
6. Awakened! 341
7. Sharing the Spirit of Christmas in Auckland through Caroling 335
8. About From Worry To Glory 313
9. Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw Lyrics and History (Let’s Sing Praises) 274
10. Had He Ever Lived? 274


See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

CLICK this link–>Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Four Years of From Worry To Glory – Site Statistics

From Worry To Glory turned exactly 4 years on 25 September.

Looking back, please allow me to share the blessing that we garnered. Let me begin with the Site Statistics.

Starting the blog four years ago, I thought I would just be web logging for myself.

At that time, I only wanted to learn how to blog. I saw it as one portal to publish my articles.

Also I need an online portfolio as I’ve started taking online writing jobs through oDesk.

As days, months and four years go by, From Worry To Glory has developed into an online ministry.

After four years, let’s have a look at the statistics: (CLICK the image to see the big picture)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory's hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory’s hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

FWTG Stats


Waiting by Jonan Castillon


Waiting by Jonan Castillon

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Testimonies of Hope

Starting Ministry Partnership with Testimonies of Hope

From Worry To Glory has started a ministry partnership with Testimonies of Hope.

Kit Evans, founder of Testimonies of Hope describes the details of the partnership in video shown above.

Please take time to watch it. Kit’s message about From Worry To Glory is at 1:09 minutes.

We are thankful and appreciate much the partnership because it expands the community that From Worry To Glory is trying to reach.

This is one historic moment for the blog as From Worry To Glory turns four years on 27 September 2013.


My Search for Abundant Life


“… I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b

From Worry To Glory

Searching for the abundant life apart from God’s will is like sailing aimlessly on an endless sea of opportunities.

One statement of Jesus that has a deep and significant impact on me is “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

I read and memorized this verse when I was a small kid attending one of the summertime Daily Vacation Bible School or DVBS. What started then as rote memorization, became gradually a journey to my search for the abundant life.

I was born of parents who are both theology graduates and I grew up with them working from church to church. Because we lived from parsonage to parsonage, I would often say jokingly, “No permanent address” when asked where do I live.

Experiencing the economic and psychological hardships and challenges of being a son of a rural pastor, I would always wonder about that abundant life that the Great Teacher expressed that He came for us to have.

But how can I affirm my confidence on the abundant life that Jesus Christ promised when I experienced injustice, dishonesty, corruption, jealousy, envy and all kinds of strife through and among the very faithful followers of him?

Where is abundance when you went through hunger and poverty because opportunities have become scarce after you made a stand for what is right?

Of course, it is easy to understand what abundant life is in the context of the material world. I grew up with the carnal understanding that to live a life of plenty is to always have more than enough food to eat and you have lots of money to experience living the lifestyle of the rich, like a good house, cars, travels, parties and anything that a person or family could wish for.

Thus, while keeping in my heart and mind the questions I had, I chartered my course towards prosperity. My goals were to study hard in high school to get a college scholarship, graduate a course that would be my ticket to get high paying jobs, do well in my chosen career and finally, live comfortably in affluence.

Then I was well on my way to fulfilling my goals, sailing smoothly, successfully achieving victories left and right. However, later on, after almost a decade of searching and chasing, I reflected at all my striving and struggling using all the gifts that God endowed me to gain the prosperity that I sought, I found myself living a meaningless life.

I exhausted all means to meet my goals but at the end of the day, I found out that when everything in life redounds to achieving financial gain compromising the basic values of truth and justice, I can not find real peace and happiness.

So where could I find true abundant life if it is not present in having material affluence alone?

Finally, after a long tiring journey, my search led me to one great discovery that abundant life is using my fullest potential for the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I discovered that living my life to the fullest is having all my faculties, availability and resources of good use for the glory of God.

Life has never been so very fulfilling. Surprisingly, the more I focused on having my fullest potential be used for him, the blessings keep coming and coming. Indeed, Jesus Christ has come to give life and have it abundantly.

Had He Ever Lived?

Had our brother, Ivan ever lived?

In our memories perhaps…  Thinking of our brotherly fellowship, helping him grow, sharing and supporting his dreams, listening to his good singing voice, arguing, fighting, reconciling, forgiving, thoughtfulness, and knowing his struggles and frailties, we can say that our brother, Ivan, indeed had lived.

Memories will forever remind us of his existence, but for how long?  Memories fade!

Still had he ever lived?

If I could turn back time during whenever I’m clean, I thank the Father above because when I yearn for something more in my life but I cannot identify what it may be, I know you are the answer” Ivan wrote on his short journal dated November 22, 2009.

He continued to write: You renew my spirit so that I am aware of You and aware of myself as whole and holy person—spirit, mind, and body.  As I commune with You in prayer and as I observe Your presence everywhere my spirit is renewed.  The renewal of my spirit enriches my mind and body.  I am wise and healthy, strong and SECURE.  Ivan.

So with his life filled with purpose he became a good friend, perhaps to everyone, if time had been generous.  He was a passionate leader…even if it means taking risks and compromises. 

He was a soul with an inner struggle striving to go somewhere.  He was a person who grew up with faith in God, patience and perseverance—to win the test of time but his inner struggles would often overpower him like a dark cloud enveloping his being.  Through all these…Ivan had indeed lived!

And his early death surprised us and his friends.  It was so sudden, so unexpected.  We were all praying and waiting for God’s miracle on him.  He was still at his prime when he died; his life a great loss?

Now think had he ever lived?

Ivan was in a moment in the hearts of those who knew him.  We mourned his passing, expressed our moment of sorrow, our bereavement for the loss of a friend, a brother, a son. 

Yes, in a moment he had lived.  He was in a moment amidst us and little did we know of his understanding of life.  “Returning to the simple truth of my divine nature, I appreciate life anew” – this was Ivan’s opening statement he mentioned in his December 10, 2009 reflections.

This was his last entry on the short life journal that we found among his things.  Reading through his reflections gives great comfort and assurance to us that after all that he had gone through,  he is holding on to his faith in God.

Ivan’s complete December 10, 2009 journal entry says: 

After two days of joyous celebrations, I still survived the obstacles and hindrances that came.  As I quiet my mind, I become aware of the here and now moment.  I breathe deeply relaxing as I exhale.  Then, I smile, enjoying the miracle of being alive.  I appreciate the new surroundings taking in every vibrant sight and sound.

I enjoy consciously being a part of life, instead of being distracted by mind’s endless list of things to do.  For now, breathing and smiling are the only things on my “to do” list.  In these moments of renewal, simply being alive with the spirit of God is enough.  I pause now, aware of my nature as a living, breathing child of God, and I smile as I enjoy life at the purest level of being.  Ivan.


For those who don’t know, Ivan had epilepsy.  We learned that he had it when he was nine years old.  Despite his illness, he tried to live a normal life.  He finished AB History and Public Administration at Central Philippine University. 

He was active in sports.  He was a high school varsity athlete in the long distance running event.  He joined the college soccer, softball, and basketball teams.  He had skills in organizing events, like sports and camping. 

He could cook for a large group.  He had a good singing voice and he could enthrall one’s feelings by the way he sang.

Ivan had his last pause on the evening of June 22, 2010 at the beach of Concepcion, Iloilo, Philippines. 

There is no doubt that he had lived indeed and he is now smiling and enjoying life at the purest level of being.  ‘Til we meet again, Bro.