Finding Inspiration in Traveling Alone

From Worry To Glory

At the pre-departure area of Iloilo Airport

I waited for my flight at the coffee shop. I am traveling alone. I still have 30 minutes before boarding time so I decided to taste the brew of the day, hazelnut gourmet coffee at JD Coffeeshop, .

The airport’s pre-departure area was already full of passengers. Every now and then a voice rang out through the public speakers announcing updates on incoming and outgoing flights. The wide-screen TV sets placed at the waiting area kept the people entertained as they waited for their boarding time.

Laughter and excitement were so clear on those who were travelling in groups. It seemed that they never ran out of stories and laughter.

I just contented myself in finding the “coziest” nook at the coffee shop and observed the people around. I thought of finding an acquaintance as I scanned my periphery but then deep inside, I felt relieved to be alone, at least for the time being and in the next one hour of my trip.

As I sat alone drinking coffee, I felt that the isolation is giving me a feeling of peace. I felt detached from my work and I felt so relaxed. While I can’t help thinking of my family, that I am on a trip and everyone knows where I am going, I realized that I am not obligated to contact anybody within the hours of my traveling time. Definitely, I am alone with my time.

The advantage of being solo is you can decide where to go, anytime, and you do not look over your shoulder to check whether you left somebody or a backpack or luggage because you are only looking out for yourself.

Perhaps the most unforgettable moment in traveling alone is getting lost. Maybe, this is the main reason most wanted to travel with a companion or a group.

You could recall too, that it was when you got lost that you learned a lot and you develop confidence. If you got lost on your way, don’t be a loser by sulking and feeling desperate. Try to find your way by asking directions from the locals or the people you meet.

From Worry To Glory

When you're alone, digital gadgets like laptop, iPad, iPhone, netbook, etc. enables you to browse the Internet and interact with friends and family through Facebook and other social media sites.

The best lessons in humility (or self-humiliation) could be learned in traveling alone. In this microchip and digital age, common public devices such as faucets, dispensers, doors, and switches could become a technological mystery to a neophyte traveler. What could be funny is when someone would pretend to know because he or she feels embarrassed to ask questions.

Before making a mess out of your ignorance and end up humiliating yourself, better be humble enough to accept your inadequacy and ask help from staff who for sure knows how to use the gadget.

Always remember that even if you are on a trip alone, you are still a social being. Now is your chance to make new friends. When you are touring with your group or family, you are limited to interact within your circle of friends or family.

Be amiable and have that happy disposition by wearing a smile and most of all, be polite to everyone.

Finally, the call to board came and as I lined up the passenger tube to enter the plane, I was wondering who will be my seatmates.

Well, it was just a matter of bowing slightly my head, saying a greeting and giving my friendliest smile before I get to know and learn that my seatmates were heading to a summer getaway.

I shared that I’m a blogger and I’m into online writing.

They are escaping the sweltering summer heat so they are going to spend a week in a mountain resort, with fully furnished cottages, swimming pool, and golf course. To get there, they plan to have a long drive up north on a rented Dodge truck.

As I left the plane, I wished my seatmates the best of times.

I got their email addresses. I told them that I will be inviting them to the lofty place so that they are motivated and can find inspiration while cooling off at their cottage.

Let Us Go to the Lofty Place Now

From Worry To Glory

Cool Summer Sea Breeze by Joven Baloyo

If there is any place I want to be forever, I want to be in the Lofty Place

While lofty place is a common phrase, I first used it when I wrote the song, “Summer Wind“.

When you want to escape the searing heat and glare of summer the best place to go is somewhere up the mountains where the view is calm and the breeze is cool.

Or perhaps go to a pristine island and just enjoy the serenity of the beach in sunrise or sunset setting.

One can’t help but think about the “loft” of the house, which refers to the floor directly under the roof. Some call it attic.

Loft reminds me of the place where Clark Kent, the main character in the TV series Smallville, stays. He stays in the hayloft of the barn.

Lofty place as used in the song “Summer Wind” points to higher ground where one could find solace and safety.

It is a hideaway, a place of solitude, love, peace and harmony.

It is a place of friendship, where people are faithful and true. The lofty place is where ambitions and ideals are realized. It is a place of consistency, where justice rules and hope abounds.

If the Lofty Place exists, where can one find it?

Yes, the “Lofty Place” exists and you can find it in God.

You can find it by entering the small gate and taking the narrow road, the path that is hard and long, where only a few finds it but it surely leads to life. (Matthew 7:13-14).

Try to look around and you can see that there is so much pain, hunger, poverty, and hatred among the peoples of the world. Wars quell wars and it is being fought both through the military and economic fronts.

There is so much decadence of values and it looks like those who make a stand are ridiculed and isolated.

The reign of hypocrisy and triumph of dishonesty even in the church and religious institutions are so perplexing and de-motivating.

Is it not comforting to know that amidst all these situations there is one and only one place where you can go and be free from the world’s confinements? The place is at the Lofty Place.

Obviously now, the Lofty Place is the dwelling place of God, where you can live in peace infinitely.

It is where you can do your best and do your fullest potential, not for the praise of men but for the glory of God. Most of all, it is a place where true friends live.

Come, let us go to the Lofty Place and find the best motivation and inspiration to live life to its fullest

Hey, don’t get me wrong. This is not death’s premonition nor you need to die a physical death to reach the Lofty Place.

I remember Paul’s exhortation, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

Let us go to the Lofty Place now… the Spirit of God shall take us there.