Claiming God’s Faithfulness – Moving To Timaru

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Talking about God’s faithfulness, what comes to mind right away is one of my favourite hymns, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”. Indeed, we have the faithful God who really fulfils His promise.

Jesus’ statement in Mark 11:24 is a very powerful statement. He is telling his disciples to have faith. For me, there’s no greater power than praying and believing that Jesus Christ will faithfully deliver what you are asking for.

The verse is not just a simple positive statement that is designed to encourage someone who’s in dire need. There is power to the statement because first, Jesus Christ said it and second, what Jesus says is true.

Our recent transfer to Timaru is one faith journey full of answered prayers. As there are plenty of stories to tell, let me just share two instances of answered prayers.

The Filipino “good Samaritan” of Lincoln

When David Brown, one of our home group leaders, volunteered to take us to Auckland airport. We really appreciate David’s offer, which is also another answered prayer. He asked who would pick up and drive us from Christchurch Airport to Timaru.

I told him that when we went to Timaru on July 31 for my wife’s job interview, we met a Filipino couple at the Auckland Airport. When they learned that we’re moving to Timaru, they volunteered to pick us up at Christchurch airport. They live in Lincoln.

On August 13, as I was helping Pastor Colin and Tony in loading our furniture on the trailer, my mobile phone rang. It was the Filipino “good Samaritan” of Lincoln. He affirmed his commitment to take us from Christchurch Airport to Timaru. I told him that our flight is on Tuesday.

Towards late afternoon, Jewel got a call from her employer that they have arranged a car rental for us. I phoned our kababayan (fellowmen) about the development and thanked him for his offer of help.

I thank and praise God for His overwhelming support and provision.

A favourable car switchover

While on the plane to Christchurch on 14 August 2012, I can’t help but think about the number of baggage we’re bringing.

After learning that our bulk of things will arrive to Timaru a week later, we brought along things we need upon arrival at our rented place.

As the car rental reserved a subcompact car for us, I’m pretty sure that we would be fully loaded. Well, I just prayed for God’s travelling mercy and resolved to drive very slowly and surely.

In Christchurch Airport, with our two trolleys of baggage, we approached the Avis Car Rental desk and asked for the car reserved for us.

We were much surprised when the Avis woman asked is it okay if we take a Toyota Highlander to Timaru instead of the subcompact reserved for us.

She explained that the Toyota Highlander needs to be returned to Timaru. She assured us that we will just be paying the same rate and there would be no more return fee for the car.

I could only utter my thanksgiving and praises after realizing how the Lord God Almighty facilitated our specific needs in moving to Timaru.

Indeed, great is your faithfulness O Lord! We bring all our prayers to You, asking and claiming your great faithfulness

Again, to our brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you very much for all your prayers and support.

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Gaining the Blessings of Christian Love


Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart. 1 Peter 1:22

When Pastor Colin learned that we’re moving to Timaru, he told me right after one Sunday worship service, “Please don’t go without us praying for you”. Knowing and experiencing how important prayer blessing is, I told him we will still be here next Sunday.

We are set to leave for Timaru on 14 August. This is a big move for our family but we have to because a relevant job opportunity has come.

Living in North Shore area, particularly in Glenfield and Forrest Hill suburbs in the past nine months, we have fostered relationships among church mates and a group of Filipinos.

Pastor Colin (left) and Tony came to help us deal with our remaining furniture.

As we were packing our things and finding ways how to dispose our car and the few pieces of furniture, I can’t help but think how one could easily dispose material things when moving.

I mean, you can sell or give your things easily but you can never let go of the friendships that you have made, especially when they are bounded in Christian love.

We can’t avoid feeling sad realizing that we won’t be seeing Glenfield Baptist Church for some time. Still, we rejoice in the truth that Christian relationships are the treasures that one could have forever, both on earth and in heaven.

So, on 12 August 2012, we attended worship service at Glenfield Baptist Church. Pastor Colin called us to the altar and he and the congregation prayed for us. I won’t say it’s our last worship service with them.

Glenfield Baptist fulfils the meaning of church to us and I’m sure the welcome won’t end each time we visit. Growing up experiencing the power of prayer, I don’t want to miss any opportunity of gaining the blessings of Christian love wherever I am.

In moving to Timaru we are embarking on a new chapter of our faith journey in New Zealand. So far, it is through the prayers of friends and family that we have achieved tremendously in faith. Glenfield Baptist Church has provided us the needed sanctuary.

Our hearts are forever grateful for all of you. Let us pray without ceasing as our faith journey continues.

From time to time, the home group holds shared meal. After the worship service on 12 August, they held a shared lunch to bless our trip and spend time in fellowship.

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