Kit Evans - Testimonies of Hope

From Post-traumatic Stress Disorder to Testimonies of Hope!

Kit Evans - Testimonies of Hope

Agrow ‘Kit’ Evans

I was up late that Tuesday evening. It was around 11:30. I had taken a nap earlier in the evening, so I was now cleaning my kitchen and next I was proceeding to clean my bathroom. I was listening to the latest Hip Hop and R& B song my friend from America had sent me.

I had been on this small island for almost a year serving with a community development program. I felt like I had a new family and community on this small island in the Caribbean. I was content. It was finally starting to feel like home.

That night when I was in the bathroom getting my cleaning supplies from under the sink I heard a noise at the door. When I went to look the door was cracked open. I closed the door thinking that the wind blew it open because I had a visitor earlier. They must not have shut the door.

As soon as I shut the door and I locked it I knew something was wrong. My instincts told me that someone was in the apartment other that me. To this day I still don’t realize why I didn’t trust my instincts. I entered the kitchen with my hands up ready to protect myself.

Within seconds a man jumped out from behind my kitchen wall. Masked, slanted eyes, hot breathe, dark clothes, and a knife that had already started swinging at my hands. He told me to take off my clothes. I changed the subject to money, “You don’t want me, you want money.” The next 15 minutes in this real life horror film would change my life forever. Within that time frame I was strangled, robbed, beat, cut, and there was an attempted rape against my body and spirit.

Unconsciously throughout the entire assault I said, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” He told me to shut up. Unconsciously I started saying, Psalms 23:1 and Psalm 23:4 “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. Even though I walk down the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil; your rod and staff- they comfort me. “ He told me to shut up again.

That night, by the grace of God I was able to get away. With a naked body, bloody hands,and a tortured spirit and mind I was able to fight, break a knife in half, and ask the rapist to use a condom before attempting to rape me.

In the midst of all of this Jesus allowed me to slip underneath the assaulter’s grip, crawl to the door on my knees, and my neighbors who heard my screams drag me upstairs to “safety.” That is nothing but God. Thank you Jesus.

From Posttraumatic Stress Disorder to Testimonies of Hope

So how have I healed from this? How have I been restored? 
It was difficult.

I was diagnosed with something called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This caused me to have anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, a fear of knives, sometimes I could not walk down the street alone or enter a house without checking every room and under every bed. At first I was upset, angry, pissed off actually.

I went through a trial. They caught the man. I testified and he received 46 years in prison. I still question is prison really justice?

For a long time I felt sorry for myself. I had to tell my story because I needed people to feel sorry for me. I needed people to know what happened to me, so I shared every chance I could.

This provided me with some healing, however, when I went home I still stared at the door to make sure no one entered while I was sleeping.
 Over the last 4.5 years sharing testimony, counseling, dance, plants, friends, family, and love have healed me. Jesus is the one who is continuing to heal me, and he is also restoring me.

In my travels and in ministry I have realized that EVERYONE has a testimony. I have heard about people’s suffering all over the world, however, I have also heard about their healing and their restoration through their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Everybody has a testimony. Many have been abused, raped, hungry, lonely, sick, neglected, chastised, and the list goes on. But, there is something about believing in something beyond ourselves that gives us hope and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Philippians 4:7 reads: “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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Peace Ya’ll,

Argrow “Kit” Evans
Founder, Testimonies of Hope: The Intercultural Christian Devotional Website

About Kit Evans

Argrow Kitnequa “Kit” Evans has multiple degrees, traveled the world, and have worked with several organizations.

She learned that these achievements are nothing if she wasn’t blessing other people. She founded “Testimonies of Hope: The Intercultural Christian Devotional Website” to highlight how people attained hope in Jesus Christ despite the bad experiences they went through.

Kit says: “Over the last 17 years I have watched, studied, and served; learning that violence can be prevented and healing from trauma is a journey, but possible.“

How I Wish Everyone Would Just “Love Your Neighbours as Yourself”

Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. Romans 15:2
For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

Seeing a video on Facebook about how thieves (called ‘sliders’) operate in the US sparked my wishful thinking.

Indeed, when we love our neighbour as we love ourselves, there’s always peace and order in the community.

Committing to this law is much much cheaper than building a fence or installing a state-of-the-art security surveillance system.

Real estate developers in the Philippines try to recreate a neighbourhood and make “peace and order”, “security” and “safety” as their primary selling point. Some would even attach the term “exclusive community”.

A friend in Auckland forgot to close a rear window remained untouched.

A friend in Auckland forgot to close a rear window but his car remained untouched through the night.

We thank the Lord for making it possible for us to live in a community where neighbourhood values are very strong.

A schoolmate who lived in downtown Auckland, parking on the street for the night forgot to close his car window. He was so happy nothing was lost nor his car was ever touched.

Well, we could say he was just lucky.

How about these.

We were living in Forrest Hill, Auckland and we were about to sleep at past 10:00 PM when someone knocked on our door.

It was our Korean neighbour. She apoligised for disturbing us. Then she told us that we left our car door open.

Yes it was wide open because our 7-year-old forgot to close it after getting off the car and we’re just parking on the street.

Living in Timaru now, one of our Kiwi friends noticed how I would unlock and lock the door when he comes to visit.

I told him that it’s been a habit in the Philippines to always keep the door locked even if we’re in the house.

There was a time we get off my car as I parked on the side street. Then I locked the doors. He said out loud, “Oh Jonan, you don’t trust your neighbours?”

I blushed a bit and laughed telling him, “It’s just a hard habit to break, mate.”

Well, these are just bits and pieces of why New Zealand is the safest country in the world.

I do believe when people bind the law “Love your neighbour as yourself” in their hearts there would be much peace and order in the community.

In Timaru, the Presbyterian Home Support provides food delivery and home cleaning for the elderly.

In Timaru, the Presbyterian Home Support provides food delivery and home cleaning for the elderly.

I Have Not Seen The Righteous Forsaken – My Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

righteous is never forsaken

The world said “hard work pays off” but my God says “ask God and claim His promises.”

Last July marked the 8th month that my husband was jobless after he finished contract work in KSA (or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I am into selling cosmetics, vitamins and more.

My family has simple needs and as parents, we always impart to our children to spend for needs over wants so that we won’t have any obligation from other people.

Happy to say I follow the Bible to “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8) and we are always contented of what we have.

My daily Bible readings concentrate on character traits and more often than not, I’m always hit straight to my heart. I even argue with God in my thoughts but in the end I bow in surrender to His correction.

Despite of my answered prayers journal to draw strength from, I do worry a lot.

How are we going to pay for my son’s monthly tuition fee in College, our bills and food expenses. I forgo buying medicine just to save for our food.

Then on 3rd week of July, my body manifested a lot of signs that my blood sugar was high. I have been itching all over my body that my daughter who’s a nurse persuaded me to see the doctor.

The result, I had very high FBS and cholesterol levels. My doctor prescribed a lot of medicines and the one I detest most was having daily insulin shots.

My body reacted in many ways for having insulin shots. I had bouts of hypoglycemia almost every other day. I always felt dizzy hindering me to do my usual household chores.

I’m thankful my husband is always there to assist and take care of me. He’s my walking buddy, my friend and the love of my life.

I praise God for giving me a kind and understanding husband because when I’m sick I could be difficult and touchy.

That was the time we were at our lowest. I always cry in my prayers and I prayed “my pain and problems are all yours please do something that will glorify your name!”

I posted on my Facebook the pain I was going through for having diabetes. Then out of the blue an FB friend from my birthplace offered financial help. I refused her offer since we are not that close and I wasn’t soliciting for financial help. She insisted and told me to charge it as loan.

So I accepted with joy and tears flowing knowing it’s the answer to my prayer. A week later, a kind-hearted person sent financial help without my prodding.

Two days later my husband got hired again as contractual worker in a government agency. These made me testify how good God is, my praises and thankfulness I shared on FB.

During my lowest He never abandoned me instead God reminded me of Psalm 37:25 which so real in my life.

Leap of faith and total surrender to God make a big difference! I praise God and glorify His name especially how He uses people to respond to my petition.

During those low times we never experienced having no food on our table, our bills were paid on time.

With all gratitude and sincerity I can truly claim “God is good all the time.”

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One Year of Living in Timaru

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:1-2

Living in Timaru at Trafalgar Street

Today, 14 August 2013, marks our one year of living in Timaru.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being our Rock in a weary land,
our Shelter in the time of storm.

Dear friends and family, thank you for all your prayers and support.

Many believe that Timaru comes from Māori Te Maru, which means ‘place of shelter’. Indeed, Timaru has been a significant shelter for us.



How God Used A Blog Post to Inspire Support for a Multicultural Ministry in South Canterbury


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Wilson Street Multicultural Response

The Multicultural Response Website

Last week The Timaru Herald published “Pastor Spreads Word in His New Business” to highlight one result of the Tell-a-Friend Promote South Canterbury program.

May I share that before any idea of creating Online Writing Niche Ltd. was ever discussed, there’s a far greater undertaking that has unfolded .

Far greater undertaking because one blog post, “Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury” inspired support for the Multicultural Response Ministry, which I and my wife take part.

Wilson Street Baptist Church, through Pastor John McMullan, Errol James, the Church Elders, and the members, supported the holding of the “Evening of Praise and Worship“, the first multicultural worship ever held on 20 April 2013.

We held the second multicultural worship on 6 July 2012. We have set our sights to holding the third event in November 2013.

The church has considered creating the multicultural response team that will stir up participation in pursuing the ministry vision.

The Lord God touched the hearts of a couple in Timaru after reading the article published in The Timaru Herald titled, “Pastor’s Blog Becomes Ad for South Canterbury. Learning about the ministry vision, the couple committed to giving financial support.

Then we created the Multicultural Response website. When Ross Waugh requested me to work on his website projects, I’m not so adept with wordpress themes, domain hosting and file management.

Thus, the Multicultural Response site became my learning laboratory while putting up online presence for the ministry.

Isn’t it wonderful to see God’s hand working through His people and many avenues? He is always in the lookout for hearts committed and passionate to serve Him.

As the song “Pass It On” says “It only takes a spark to keep the fire going”, I believe that God has more things in store now that the multicultural response ministry is ablaze.

Please don’t miss listening to this lovely rendition of ‘Pass It On’ by Evie Tornquist Karlsson. 🙂