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Moving Forward in Faith

Moving forward in faith

“They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” (Psalm 112:7)

I took this photo of two sparrows as I watched through our window in August 2012. It was winter in Auckland and food might be scarce for these creatures but I recalled how God cares for them.

I chose this photo to complement the devotional I read from Messianic Bible Devotionals, which I’m sharing below.

Just as the Exodus was the starting point of Israel’s salvation, so is our rescue from the kingdom of darkness just the beginning of our spiritual journey.

But the enemy of our souls does not let go easily; he usually tries to draw us back into bondage.

Sometimes when our backs are up against the wall, as was the case with Israel standing at the Red Sea, we wonder: “What should I do? What should I do?”

Instead of panicking and blaming others, we can move on in faith, believing that He will save us. After that, we need to enter into His rest and wait on the Lord for further instructions.

If we remember that the Lord fights our battles for us, then we can quiet our inner turmoil and trust in Him, hold our peace, and refuse to speak unbelief when pushed to our limits.

Let us keep on moving forward in faith, knowing and believing that our God Almighty is on our side to win all of life’s challenges.


Lord God, forgive us for our unbelief that You are our Great Defender. Thank you for always being there to protect us and help us win the battles of life. Amen.

Knowing the Faith Legacy of Rev. Malvar Castillon


Guest blog post by Felix Colinco

Dumangas Baptist Church

In remembrance of my father’s death anniversary on 24 January 2012, I’m sharing this FB note that Pastor Felix wrote.

The Rev. Malvar Castillon whom we fondly call “Manoy Malvar” created a significant part in my life as a person and as a mentor. I would like to recall one of his wit and wisdom that i have learned from him in one of our encounters.

There was a certain moment in the life of Dumangas Baptist Church, I recalled, it was the month we were celebrating the anniversary of the church. We have invited Rev. Castillon to speak during the vesper service.

He was on fire with the preaching that evening. Full of power and deep in conviction, he encouraged the church to move on and push more for the ministry of reaching out to the community.

As the worship ended, one the church members informed us to immediately visit a dying member at Paloc Sool. Without hesitation, Manoy Malvar and I went to respond to the opportunity to visit and join the family during the dying moments of the church member.

One important wisdom I learned from Manoy Malvar that evening was from his prayer for the family. He said, “Lord, if it is Your will, our beloved brother will live and be well…”

In that prayer I felt the depth of the trust, and the confidence to God’s plan and from that moment my relationship with Manoy Malvar grew deeper. I appreciate his faith more.

Though we may have known each other casually, that evening, thing changed. His prayer opened my understanding to knowing and trusting God in times of life and death.

PHOTO: Dumangas Baptist Church Original FB Page

How the Article Appeared on The Timaru Herald


Our family and friends in Timaru, Auckland, New Zealand, and Philippines are so happy reading the article, “Pastor’s blog becomes ad for South Canterbury” published on the The Timaru Herald 17 January 2013 edition.

Kin and friends from US, Europe, Australia and other places of the world whom we have constant contact through Facebook, ‘shared’ and ‘liked’ the article.

The printed paper showed a teaser at the upper left part of masthead.

The printed paper showed a teaser at the upper left part of the masthead.


Thank you dear Lord God for your wonderful creation in South Canterbury, which inspire us not only to write about it but to always sing “How Great Thou Art“. Above all these awesome wonders is the humanity whom you created and redeemed through your son, Jesus Christ.

It was one of the Editor’s pick and became the most popular viewed article of the day. As of writing, the article had garnered 105 Facebook ‘Like’ and Tweeted 15 times.

Our post “Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury” got 81 visits; 73 of which came through the Timaru Herald website.

Timaru Herald Tweeted about blog


At 6:30 morning, Timaru Herald tweeted: “South Canterbury now international news, thanks to blog by Timaru pastor.”

Through Google analytics and other similar software, website managers could track website visits (or online traffic) as to source and located and other data.

You might wonder how the article “Pastor’s blog becomes ad for South Canterbury” appeared on the printed ‘The Timaru Herald’.

See the photo below:

The Timaru Herald page

Read the full article online by CLICKING the image.

Our Blog is on The Timaru Herald


It’s so amazing how events could lead to having From Worry To Glory appear on the page of The Timaru Herald. Wow, I could just smile in gratefulness.

The Timaru Herald is one big daily newspaper circulated in the New Zealand districts of Timaru, South Canterbury and Otago.

Please CLICK on the image below to read the article.

South Canterbury

Thank you ‘The Timaru Herald’ and Megan Miller!



Panay News Promotes South Canterbury


Panay News Philippines

On 30 December 2012, Panay News published our blog post “Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury” on their ‘Places’ section, page D-5.

Panay News is the popular daily in Western Visayas, where about 7 million people live.

It is circulated widely in the region and it has reached Cebu and some areas in Mindanao. Panay News has branches in the six provinces of Western Visayas and one in Metro Manila.

Thank you Panay News for featuring our blog post and helping promote South Canterbury to millions of Filipinos.

Promote South Canterbury

PHOTO CREDIT: Panay News, through Darlene Delgado, sent us the JPG image of the featured page. Thank you very much.