How the Article Appeared on The Timaru Herald


Our family and friends in Timaru, Auckland, New Zealand, and Philippines are so happy reading the article, “Pastor’s blog becomes ad for South Canterbury” published on the The Timaru Herald 17 January 2013 edition.

Kin and friends from US, Europe, Australia and other places of the world whom we have constant contact through Facebook, ‘shared’ and ‘liked’ the article.

The printed paper showed a teaser at the upper left part of masthead.

The printed paper showed a teaser at the upper left part of the masthead.


Thank you dear Lord God for your wonderful creation in South Canterbury, which inspire us not only to write about it but to always sing “How Great Thou Art“. Above all these awesome wonders is the humanity whom you created and redeemed through your son, Jesus Christ.

It was one of the Editor’s pick and became the most popular viewed article of the day. As of writing, the article had garnered 105 Facebook ‘Like’ and Tweeted 15 times.

Our post “Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury” got 81 visits; 73 of which came through the Timaru Herald website.

Timaru Herald Tweeted about blog


At 6:30 morning, Timaru Herald tweeted: “South Canterbury now international news, thanks to blog by Timaru pastor.”

Through Google analytics and other similar software, website managers could track website visits (or online traffic) as to source and located and other data.

You might wonder how the article “Pastor’s blog becomes ad for South Canterbury” appeared on the printed ‘The Timaru Herald’.

See the photo below:

The Timaru Herald page

Read the full article online by CLICKING the image.

Our Blog is on The Timaru Herald


It’s so amazing how events could lead to having From Worry To Glory appear on the page of The Timaru Herald. Wow, I could just smile in gratefulness.

The Timaru Herald is one big daily newspaper circulated in the New Zealand districts of Timaru, South Canterbury and Otago.

Please CLICK on the image below to read the article.

South Canterbury

Thank you ‘The Timaru Herald’ and Megan Miller!



Panay News Promotes South Canterbury


Panay News Philippines

On 30 December 2012, Panay News published our blog post “Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury” on their ‘Places’ section, page D-5.

Panay News is the popular daily in Western Visayas, where about 7 million people live.

It is circulated widely in the region and it has reached Cebu and some areas in Mindanao. Panay News has branches in the six provinces of Western Visayas and one in Metro Manila.

Thank you Panay News for featuring our blog post and helping promote South Canterbury to millions of Filipinos.

Promote South Canterbury

PHOTO CREDIT: Panay News, through Darlene Delgado, sent us the JPG image of the featured page. Thank you very much.

How the Simple Clothes Line Fostered Friendships in Timaru

We’re quite happy to stay in a very safe and friendly neighbourhood. We moved from Auckland to Timaru in August 2012, .

It’s always been our prayer that the Lord God Almighty gives us friendly neighbours wherever we go. He gives us just that in Timaru.

Living in one of the flats of a 14-unit apartment along Evans Street, I got to know my neighbours in a more intimate and unique way. I met them through the communal outdoor rotating clothes lines.

Timaru South Canterbury

Each time I hang our laundry, I would meet one or two of our neighbours who were also hanging clothes at the lines. I met a different neighbour each time until I knew everybody.

As we shared the clothe lines, I and my neighbours talked while we picked our clothes, placed it on the line and attached the clothes pins.

Timaru South Canterbury

At first, it was just the usual greetings of “Hi”, “Hello”, “How are you?” or “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t?”.

Then as we hang our laundry each week, I and my neighbours begin to know each other more.

In fact, our talking engagement would continue even after we have finished hanging our respective laundries.

I learned a lot from our good neighbours. They shared information valuable to new Timaru residents like us.

At the clothes line area, I met a father and his two children. His two daughters became our daughter’s close friends and playmates.

In September, during the school spring break, our woman neighbour offered to tell stories and teach arts and craft to our daughter and her playmates.

So the children had great time with her. The story sessions and art activities continue during some weekends when the school term resumed.

One afternoon, another neighbour took us to fishing at Caroline Bay Port. Though we didn’t catch anything nor even get a nibble, the fun and camaraderie we shared are priceless.

Caroline Bay Port South Canterbury

Now, each time I hang our laundry to dry, I just keep smiling thinking about how the common outdoor rotary clothes line enabled me to befriend our neighbours.

Indeed, the friendly helpful people in Timaru made our moving and settling lighter.

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Lake Tekapo South Canterbury

Reasons For Beautiful Living in South Canterbury


A beauty to behold, a beauty to think and to feel about, and a beauty to be remembered.
Dr. Juanito M. Acanto

South Canterbury

Our simple aspiration in life is to find a peaceful place to live and use to the fullest the gifts that God has given us.

We found it in New Zealand. We lived initially in Auckland for nine months then moved to Timaru on 14 August 2012.

We love the place, the weather and the friendly people. The surrounding towns of South Canterbury are such lovely places for its tourist destinations, history, and placid environment.

It didn’t take us a month to realize it’s easy to live a happy life in South Canterbury. Let me give you two reasons.

South Canterbury is home and gateway to popular scenic spots

Lake Tekapo South Canterbury

Church of the Good Shepherd South Canterbury

Two hours away from Timaru is Lake Tekapo. A trip to Lake Tekapo is just like finding a trove of treasures that gives lasting happiness.

Walking along the stony shores of Lake Tekapo or wading into its cool crystal clear waters make you realize you’re really in an awesome place.

Don’t fail to take a pose at the famous Church of the Good Shepherd. Read her brief history and feel the solemnity inside, you would surely wish to renew wedding vows in the hallowed halls of this famous church.

Then drive for 10-15 minutes up the popular Mt. John Observatory and spend time appreciating the 360⁰ view at Astro Cafe. Surely, these are the best of times spend with friends and family.

Astro Cafe Mt. John Observatory Visiting Lake Tekapo is just like stepping into a real-life movie scene.

At Timaru, the heart of South Canterbury, Caroline Bay gives a very relaxing beat

The dune boardwalk gives you access to beautifully planted and cared sand dunes of Caroline Bay.

Tired and stressed after the day’s work?

Not feeling well, suffering from colds or whatever infirmity?

Take a walk at Caroline Bay, through the pathways, the board walk, and stroll along the beach, you will be refreshed and healed.

I can’t understand it but each time I go promenading at Caroline Bay, feeling the sea breeze, hearing the sound of surf, seeing seagulls flying and playing freely my mind relaxes and my soul quiets.

Caroline Bay South Canterbury

Caroline Bay South Canterbury

Caroline Bay Fitness Trail is a two-kilometer walk with stops at exercise and fitness equipment.

They are located strategically in the park so that capable fitness buffs could enjoy the bay and park views while exercising.

Caroline Bay South Canterbury

Many friendships are forged at the playground.

The paddling pool at Caroline Bay is the children's favorite.

Anytime on a sunny day is great time for picnic and frolic at Caroline Bay.

Kids may go and play at the playground while parents sit and relax under the sun.

It’s at the Caroline Bay playground where children share and play together at the swings, slides, and other rides, winning friends in the process.

As a migrant and pilgrim in search of a place of peace and happy living for my family, South Canterbury is the best place to begin.

Isn’t it lovely to see that the rich and poor, young and old, able and not-so-able can have the same chance to experience and enjoy these reasons for happy living in South Canterbury?

Like the old Timaru Lighthouse that had guided many ships to Caroline Bay Port, may your dreams of beautiful life guide and lead you to come, visit and live in South Canterbury.

Timaru Lighthouse South Canterbury

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Photo Credits: Jade Jarbadan, Jewel Kwe

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Church of the Good Shepherd South Canterbury

God’s Faithfulness Brings Joy In The Morning


Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints,
and give thanks to his holy name.
For his anger is but for a moment,
and his favor is for a lifetime.
Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning.
Psalm 30:4-5

Today, 9 October 2012 – 7:25 AM, we finally received our passports with “Resident Visa” label pasted on one of its pages.

Our hearts are full of praises and thanksgiving for God’s goodness.

Our experiences here in New Zealand, along with achieving resident visa status, have made our faith in God stronger than ever before.

In whatever undertaking, such as migrating to a new country, trusting the guidance of God is very important.

Living in New Zealand for 11 months now, we can testify it’s God’s faithfulness, His Divine Providence that has carried us through, over and above our academic qualifications and skills.

Indeed, with God, nothing is impossible or even impossible is nothing.

What a great journey of faith for us all, for our family, relatives and friends, home group and churches, and everyone who prayed for us, giving encouragements, acts of kindness and financial support.

May God’s wondrous blessings be upon each and every one of you.

Forever our hearts will say, “Thank you, LORD!”

Thank you Lord God for giving us overflowing reasons to rejoice always each and every morning!

PHOTO CREDIT: Jade Mark Jarbadan