From Worry To Glory

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About From Worry To Glory


From Worry to Glory” was the theme of the Christ Emphasis Week celebration of Central Philippine University in 1996. The CEW committee tasked me to compose the theme song.

I based the lyrics from the letter I received from a dear friend expressing struggles of growing up in faith.

Reflecting on the theme through a composition, “From Worry to Glory” has been my theme in meeting trials and challenges in life. For all the possible worries that may beset our lives, the glory of God in Jesus Christ is always shining.

May all those who read this blog be refreshed and calmed by God’s assurance of hope and love in whatever situation. God has given us a firm hoist, Jesus Christ.

Be steadfast in your faith for God will always turn your worry into glory.


Pastor Jonan


The photo of Rose Memorial Auditorium and University Church of Central Philippine University always reminds me of the many CEW convocations held in these venues and the many students who receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Photo courtesy of Nygel Melitado

11 thoughts on “About From Worry To Glory

  1. .Am a pastor in my ministry.this topic interest me much.pray for me to excel in my ministry.2ndly can i bring your ministry to nigeria?i have land and building to start with

  2. nice blog! simple yet very encouraging, of course, from the blog title itself 🙂 quite interesting. Keep it up! I’ll add this to my blogroll to keep me updated. God bless and happy blogging!!!

    1. Hi Joel, thank you for including From Worry To Glory in your blog roll. It is quite an honor to be listed in your blog. Like you, my aim is to be an inspiration to others via the posts in this blog. May the Lord God Almighty bless you and keep you!

  3. This is the second time I’ve read this piece and the same urge to finish it once started was still as strong. Maybe it’s because the topic is about a group of people, the Mangyans, who I am familiar and had some dealings with also. Congratulations to the author who forgot to mention that he himself was born in Mangyanland.

    1. Hahahaha…when I was a kid, friends of the family would tease as a “mangyan” because I was born in Roxas, Or. Mindoro. I relished the memories of my stay with real mangyans…I could be one with them in many ways. Thanks.

  4. FWTG! Wow! I like the title. It grabs the attention and sustain it enough to refresh one’s perspectives and re-allign priorities!

    God Bless! Thank you and keep it coming…

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