Composing “Summer Wind” – A Song for the Holy Spirit

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One windy evening, in summer 1996, I was inspired to write a song. At that time, I just came from a youth meeting. I was the associate pastor of a local church and I was involved in the church’s youth ministry.

The young people shared a lot about their struggles and hardships in facing life’s realities. They also shared about the trials and challenges that were besetting their families, friends and for the professionals, their workplaces. It seemed that the situation at that period was so hard that everyone felt like they wanted to go somewhere else.

After I had dinner, I took my guitar, went to the lawn and sat on the white-painted steel chair. I strummed two chords, humming a melody while staring at the star dotted summer night sky.

Then the wind blew and the phrase that immediately entered my mind was “summer wind”. These were the beginning words that I kept singing and singing with the two guitar chords that I was playing. I hummed the rest of the melody until I became so drowsy and realized that it was ten in the evening.

The following day, with the melody still fresh in my mind, I added more words to the song. The outcome was a song reflection of what the young people shared in church and their life situation.

Basically, “Summer Wind” was a song I made in adoration of the Holy Spirit. When the wind blew that night, it reminded me of Jesus Christ who told Nicodemus that the wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit (John 3:8).

So the Summer Wind song is a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking Him to take the pilgrim to a distant star, wishing for a place where he could express his true self. The use of the phrase “endless sea” refers to the life horizons and the many possibilities that God offers to everyone. When you have faith in God, you do not mind waiting forever as long as you end up in the presence of the LORD.

The chorus petitions the Holy Spirit, asking Him to “take me to another time when I can find my peace” because genuine peace can only be found when you are in the presence of the Lord.

To many it might be a grim request to ask the Holy Spirit to “take me to a lofty place”, which definitely refers to heaven, the higher ground where true friends are all that we could see and meet.

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Achieving Your Fullest Potential through Knowing Your Mission

Abundant Life

Like a flowering plant that is destined to bloom, we are created to live the abundant life.

After realizing that abundant life is using your fullest potential before God, probably, you might want to ask how can you achieve your fullest potential.

Where can you find it?

Is your fullest potential something that you learn in school through a college degree?

Do you need to enroll in the world’s most popular and best universities to gain it?

You probably grew up in a society where the common and prevailing thought and norm is that having a college diploma is one’s ticket to success. Furthermore, getting a master’s degree or specializing through a doctoral program adds to your potential in getting better opportunities.

In the “commonest” sense, this is true because indeed a person who has attained the highest educational degree, usually gets the accolades, recognition and opportunity. More so, when that person has achieved so much.

However, there are those who have not even finished high school but were able to gain knowledge through practical life situations. They have achieved greatly more than what a person with Ph.D. has achieved.

I am not saying that education is not important. In fact, I would like to emphasize that it is only through education that one learns how to meet his or her fullest potential.

The difference is acquiring knowledge through formal and informal means. Definitely, how to gain one’s fullest potential is not the monopoly of colleges and universities.

You might have attained all the academic degrees in the world but you will still end up failing to carry out your fullest potential because simply you don’t have a personal mission in life.

My personal quest to gain my fullest potential before the Lord has taught me that knowing your personal mission in life is very primary. When one has discovered his or her mission in life, especially at an early age, you will be driven with so much enthusiasm in fulfilling what you wanted to do. You have that zest to pursue diligently what you wanted to do.

I had a chance to talk to two upcoming college freshmen of Central Philippine University. I learned they wanted to take up the nursing course because of their parents’ desire. They revealed that deep inside, if they had a choice, they wanted to excel in the arts because they have passion for writing, speaking, and acting.

While I don’t see anything wrong with parents influencing strongly their kids in choosing their career, I am concerned when parents would influence their children’s course by economy and not by their kid’s mission in life.

I believe in the sacredness of supporting children meet the full potential that God has reserved for them. I suggest that parents must take time to help guide their children to discover their mission in life.

I have been through situations before when I have to wonder and wander what will I do in life because I don’t know what my mission in life is.

When I met life’s crossroads, I would just readily choose any direction that I think was right. I never decided by a life mission serving as my road map to where I am going.

I realized that it was only when I discovered and firmed up my mission in life that I was able to pursue confidently my passion and meet my fullest potential before God.

Wondering and wandering about how to do your fullest potential? Get to know your mission…right now!

Are you living to your fullest potential now by the mission that God has revealed to you? Kindly share your abundant life experience on the comment form below. Thank you.

Smile for All Things Happen with a Purpose

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

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“Smile” by Jadyn Castillon (@ 4 years old.)

Everything that happens in your life has purpose. There are great reasons you are where you are now, many reasons for the events in your life, a reason why you are living a life.

Indeed, life is hard, especially today, when the global economic crisis is affecting everyone. In whatever walk of life you are, you will always have your taste of hardships and triumphs.

Is it not that the meaning of life is best appreciated through the hardships that you went through?

And don’t you appreciate life more when you’ve hurdled every obstacle successfully and unscathed?

With God as your guide, you will always see how life unfolds its great reasons, from the past, in the present and to future.

What is oftentimes revealing is how the past would tie up to your present and future state. Isn’t this a great cause to have a zestful life?

In everything that happens in your life, good or bad, always put in mind that it is an opportunity for you to be living under the merciful care of the Almighty Loving God.

Make every moment an opportunity to serve Him; an opportunity to show grace and give thanks in all circumstances.

You can make it as one rare chance to pay humble service to the Lord of Life Himself.

Well, maybe you’re someone who have achieved well in life, amassing great success, great love, joy, and perhaps, fame, and recognition. Towards achieving this, you took a different route and you find yourself different from your friends and work mates.

You wanted power, admiration, and wealth. You are owning various villa rentals and vast real estates.

Despite the outstanding gap that you have achieved from everyone else in terms of material wealth, there is one equalizer that would place you on the same level with everyone else — death.

Tracy Chapman’s song, “All that you have is your soul” rings true.

Indeed, when you leave this mortal world, you cannot take with you all the riches and comforts in life that you have acquired.

You can not bring the material things you have acquired into life beyond because all that you will have to bring is only your soul.

Never forget to share what you have. Just because you have invested so much effort and time to acquire wealth, you appropriate everything for yourself and you don’t even think about caring for your neighbors.

Remember that one secret to happiness is found in serving others.

Always do what is true, right and just. Let God be your center for service, for it is from Him whom you gain strength, wealth and recognition.

Life will always be kind to you, blessings will come to you, and challenges will be instruments for a better version of you when you persevere in faith.

Go on with life, pursue your career with vigor, nurture your passion, enjoy the beauty of things around you.

Love and treasure your family and friends, and let God guide all your ways.

Keep smiling as you revel in the blessings of God’s mighty purpose.