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Our Visitors from 132 Countries – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

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As of writing, From Worry To Glory’s visitors have come from 132 countries.

The top 10 countries are as follows:

  1. PH – Philippines
  2. US – United States
  3. CA – Canada
  4. NZ – New Zealand
  5. SA – Saudi Arabia
  6. GB – United Kingdom
  7. AU – Australia
  8. RU – Russia
  9. SG – Singapore
  10. AE – United Arab Emirates

Highest Number of Visitors

On 26 October 2011, From Worry To Glory received 453 visits, 263 of them were new visitors.

Newest Country

The newest flag to be added is Marshall Island (MH)

See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

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Four Years of From Worry To Glory
Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Top 10 Posts – Four Years of From Worry To Glory

For four years, From Worry To Glory garnered 120 posts. These includes 115 blog posts and five main pages of the site.

I have listed the all-time top 10 posts.

Please take time to click and discover yourself why these posts are the readers’ favourites.


1. Reasons For Beautiful Living in South Canterbury 1,494
2. The “David” Who Knocked-Out Our Unemployment “Goliath” 496
3. The Wisdom of Senator Joker Arroyo’s Acquittal Vote 447
4. Reflections on “Let’s Talk About Txt! Understanding Culture of the Filipino Youth” 426
5. The Day I Let Go of Ted 357
6. Awakened! 341
7. Sharing the Spirit of Christmas in Auckland through Caroling 335
8. About From Worry To Glory 313
9. Mag-amba sang Pagdayaw Lyrics and History (Let’s Sing Praises) 274
10. Had He Ever Lived? 274


See what else our blog has achieved in four years.

CLICK this link–>Four Years of From Worry To Glory

Happy Birthday, My Dearest Wife



May the Lord God Almighty bless you and keep you as we journey in faithful service to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your loving care and for being there always for us in all situations.


As the days and years go by let us take joy in witnessing the Mighty Hand of God working in our lives, family and friends.

Happy birthday!


With much love and care, Jonan and Jadyn


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Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6


Four Years of From Worry To Glory – Site Statistics

From Worry To Glory turned exactly 4 years on 25 September.

Looking back, please allow me to share the blessing that we garnered. Let me begin with the Site Statistics.

Starting the blog four years ago, I thought I would just be web logging for myself.

At that time, I only wanted to learn how to blog. I saw it as one portal to publish my articles.

Also I need an online portfolio as I’ve started taking online writing jobs through oDesk.

As days, months and four years go by, From Worry To Glory has developed into an online ministry.

After four years, let’s have a look at the statistics: (CLICK the image to see the big picture)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory's hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

Please note that data is until August 2013 only because we transferred From Worry To Glory’s hosting from (free) to Hostgator (paid)

FWTG Stats


Waiting by Jonan Castillon


Waiting by Jonan Castillon

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From Worry To Glory is celebrating four years of inspirational blogging on 25 September 2013.
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The Day I Met My Biological Father

Testimonies of Hope Kit Evans

When I was 17 years old I worked at a grocery store.  That day at the store seemed to be just like any other day.  The sun blazed through the window as I swiped the food, cigarettes, dog food, and drinks. The job had become routine and I knew many people who visited.

I didn’t know that day I would receive a visit I would never forget.  He was standing in my line watching me; I didn’t even realize it.

When it was his turn I looked up and before I could say a word he spoke, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and handed me a card.

He stated: “I am your daddy. I am sorry I have not been there for you. But, I am here now.“

I stared in a gaze.  It seemed as if time had stopped around me.  Thoughts raced:  “Who are you? I already have a daddy. Why are you giving me a card?  Why are you here staring at me?”

I opened the card and there was money there. I looked up.

“Sir, I can not take your money.”

He spoke, “Please take it.  I am sorry I was not there for you growing up. I used to watch you from a distance when you were a little girl.  But, I am here for you now.”

I don’t really remember the rest of the conversation, but I do remember him smiling at me.  He walked away; he walked with a limp.

After that meeting I was confused, hurt, loved. There where so many unanswered questions.

Now, 14 years later, some of those questions have been answered.

I learned a lot from meeting my biological father. One thing I have learned is that it is a blessing to forgive others and it is also a blessing to give and receive love.

When a girl or boy grows up without a father in the home there can be issues related to insecurity.

We sometimes think, am I not special enough for you to have stayed?  Am I not special enough for you to have attended my games, purchased my book bag, or even to have taken me out for pizza on my birthday?

Over the years I’ve learned that God gives us love in different ways and through different people.

We may receive that love through our biological parents or God may send a special friend, a new family!

Ephesians 4:2 reads, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Over the years I have had my struggles with understanding my relationship with my father, but I have also realized that humility, forgiveness, and love helps us to meet people where they are.

This in turn gives us the space to allow God to meet us where we are.  God ultimately covers us, protects us, loves us, and gives us love on earth!

Be Encouraged Ya’ll,

Hope Writer:  Argrow “Kit” Evans 

NOTE: This is a repost of Kit’s article published in her blog Testimonies of Hope and was used with her permission.

About Kit Evans

Argrow Kitnequa “Kit” Evans has multiple degrees, traveled the world, and worked with several organizations.

She learned that these achievements are nothing if she wasn’t blessing other people. She founded “Testimonies of Hope: The Intercultural Christian Devotional Website” to highlight how people attained hope in Jesus Christ despite the bad experiences they went through.

Kit says: “Over the last 17 years I have watched, studied, and served; learning that violence can be prevented and healing from trauma is a journey, but possible.“